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    Greenacres and the North Wales WildlifeTrust

    For the last three years Greenacres and their owners have been working closely together to help kids get back to Nature.
    Chris, the Owners Events Co-ordinator at Greenacres, tells us how the North Wales Wildlife trust has held six events at our park.

    ‘We’ve had everything from bug-hunting to bird, bat and owl box making to our butterfly garden. This year we added a hedgehog garden. Working with the Wildlife Trust is great for us; I’ve joined the trust, as have some of our owners.’

    This isn’t surprising as one of the most popular events they held was the Talk of interest night. The Wildlife Trust invited other charities around the area to present what was happening locally.

    Chris would urge people to get in touch with their local trust.

    ‘They are always so helpful and are to get their worthy work out to people. I for one love it and love seeing how the owners and their kids are interacting with it all!’

    Here, here Chris! You can also read about our Blue Dolphin park making the most of their local trust here.