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    Guest takeover: 100th birthday at Haven!

    We believe that every birthday is worth celebrating but one of our guests, Cissy Stone, had a big birthday to celebrate!

    Celebrating you’re 100th birthday deserves a little treat and that’s exactly what Cissy’s son, Mr R Stone thought when he booked in to our Combe Haven holiday park in Hastings with his Mum.

    ‘ We used to take our children Haven, mostly to Combe Haven, when they were younger. Sometimes my Mum would join us for the trips.

    My wife and I went back to Hastings last year and we noticed some changed on the park and liked it. We thought my Mum would like to come back and visit.

    We only live about and hour and a half away in Dover, so it’s the perfect place to take my Mum as it’s not too much for her but it’s still a break away.

    We went away for four days and we’d most certainly go back!’


    Happy 100th Birthday Cissy!

    If you’re celebrating your birthday at Haven make
    sure you let our FunStars know about it!