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    Guest takeover: Celebrate a day with Luke

    We recently had a very special, little boy come and join us at our Marton Mere park…

    Nine year old Luke has set himself a very generous and incredible challenge as he wants to raise £25,000 for children just like him.

    He’s not even 10 yet but Luke has so far had 4 open heart surgeries and has very complex heart defeats -not that this stops him living life to the full. After receiving his one special wish from a ‘Wish Upon a Star’ charity, Luke came up with a plan.

    After receiving his wish Luke said he wanted to help put a smile on other children’s faces, so he came up with the idea of celebrating a National Day  every day for 365 days (today is National Strawberry Shortcake day).
    He has already raised £9,000 since January and as he was staying at Haven in May, he asked how we could help him with his amazing task.

    We had two very exciting National Days while he was away with us, National Best Friend day and National Hug a Cat day – perfect for Rory and the Seaside Squad!

    Luke’s Mum, Kelly, blogs about Luke’s story and she’s kindly sent over a VIP guest blog just for us! Here’s what Luke has been up to while staying at Marton Mere


    Our trip to Marton Mere in Blackpool

    Friday – Arrival day

    We arrived at Marton Mere on the Friday ready for a whole week of fun and games. Myself, husband Kurt and two children Luke aged 9 and Lottie 2 knew there would be activities to suit us all and we could not wait. After settling into our caravan it was time to explore with a walk down to the mere and some bird spotting. The mere is such a relaxing an beautiful nature spot a world away from the hustle and bustle of Blackpool town centre. The children enjoyed a quick play on the rustic play park nearby and then it was time for an evening meal before hitting the show bar for the Welcome show. Luke enjoyed watching the character show and then got involved with the crazy dancing and games put on by the Funstars.

    Arrival day


    On Saturday Lottie enjoyed the sensory morning with Anxious where the little ones played with lights, touchy feely toys and best of all flour mixed with baby oil which they could form into shapes and then crumble it back up again. It sure was messy but it was a lot of fun made even better by the appearance of Anxious the elephant. Both children then took part in the Club R and B arts and crafts where they created fabulous seaside pictures using lots of different materials. There was glitter everywhere!

    After lunch and a rest we went to check out the swimming pool which was just perfect for the young children as it is shallow enough to walk in for the most part. This was great as it meant both kids could have the freedom to explore, play and for Lottie to find her confidence in the water. We had a great time splashing around and playing games and even though by now we were all super tired we got ready for some more games at the Showbar. Tonights show was DJ Ned and he had the children doing some crazy dance moves which everybody enjoyed.



    On Sunday morning we went into Blackpool where we visited Madame Tussauds and the Aquarium. The weather wasn’t nice enough for building sandcastles or for Donkey rides as we had hoped but the attractions we visited were great. There was a lot to choose from and the two we visited were very interactive for the children which they enjoyed. However, they were both eager to get back to the Haven site to go swimming and to the park! Another swim was had but then there was no energy left for the show and so an early night was had by all.



    Monday morning soon rolled around and we had some very special surprise visitors call by our caravan. Rory the Tiger and Bradley Bear came with one of the Funstars as they had heard all about the fundraising Luke has been doing this year for When you wish upon a star. Luke is celebrating a National day every day of 2015 and so they came along to help celebrate Best friends day. They were wonderful and the children had so much fun playing snap with them and chatting away. This was such a wonderful memory for us all especially after everything Luke has been through and it made our holiday really magical. Luke said this was a day he would never forget.

     bstfriends day


    On Tuesday we enjoyed Polly’s swim a song in the show bar where the little ones all splashed around and played with various water toys in a paddling pool whilst Polly and the funstars sang along. Again this was a great little activity for the young kids and with the Funstars being so brilliant at getting the kids to join in and make them feel at ease it was very relaxing. We also enjoyed the bouncy castle on site and the play park and of course another swim. The arcades also pulled us in with the lure of winning tickets to exchange for prizes and we discovered what a competetive bunch we are!



    On Wednesday we joined in with the seaside games with the Funstars and as it was such a lovely day we were able to do these outside. Games included playing cat and mouse with a huge parachute, obstacle races and team games. We then went into Blackpool to go up the tower but once again the children were both itching to get back on site as there was too much for them to do there and they were afraid of missing something. That night in the showbar it was Polly’s fancy dress parade and with Luke really enjoying the company of the Funstars he decided he was dressing up as on for the night. He looked fantastic and when Polly invited him up on stage he was over the moon.



    Thursday was our last full day on the park and we all felt our stay had passed too quickly. Our day kicked off with more games outside in Club Rand B where the younger ones chalked pictures onto the pavement and the older ones enjoyed tin can alley and ball games. Again the Funstars were really fun and easy to chat with and made sure all the kids were getting involved and having fun. We then had another swim and play on the park.

    That day Luke was celebrating Hug your cat day and so later on in the showbar Luke was taken backstage to have a hug with Rory and he was thrilled as they did the cha cha slide together before being joined by Polly and Ned. After the show Luke was invited up on stage where Rob, the entertainment manager, told the audience all about Luke’s fundraising and why it means so much to him. After this they did a bucket collection raising £130 which was incredible. We cannot thank Rob and his Funstar team enough for making our holiday so extra special and we cannot wait to return. They really did go above and beyond and every show they put on was full of energy and you could see they enjoyed every minute.

    Rory Hug


    We were really sad to say goodbye on Friday but will return again. The park was perfect. It was flat which accomodated Luke’s wheelchair and poor mobility. There was plenty of things to do all day long and for a variety of ages. We never had a time we had nothing to do and we came home exhausted!


    To read more about Luke’s Fundraising and why he is doing it visit Luke’s website where you will find links to his blog, twitter and facebook page.