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Guest takeover week: Ron Morley

We love hearing the wonderful memories that our guests create at our Haven Parks – so much so that we’ve dedicated a whole week to them!

To kick things off we’ve spoken to a very talented man who has been visiting us for many years. It’s these visits that have inspired him to create his artwork. We gave Ron Morley, the man behind the art, a call and he told us how and why Haven inspires him.

‘As a Father to four children and now Grandfather to 11 Grandchildren I’ve been going to Haven for years. In fact Jacqueline, my youngest, was 12 when we first visited – she’s now bringing her own kids!

I’ve always been interested in art, in fact I used to draw the children but they’d get fed- up and soon start fidgeting, wanting to move. I also got myself in trouble for drawing people in the pub! My style is exaggeration of what people do – just a bit of fun.

My first picture of Haven was a simple one, cartoon hills and the kids coming down the road singing, “We’re off to see Rory!”. We were staying at Presthaven Beach Resort as it’s just down the road from us and there’s lots to do for the kids – they love archery and painting.

About 7 years ago I was diagnosed with an terminal illness and they said I had to rest. They brought me jigsaws and puzzles but it was the crayons that caught my attention.

After I was released from hospital, I wanted to treat my family for supporting me – I thought the best thing to do was to show them it was about them for a bit. I booked some caravans at Presthaven with Debbie, who works there. She’s amazing, she really did everything she could – she even provided the sunshine!

As a thank-you I sent her one of my pictures as a little joke. She was thrilled and asked for some more.  I send the park Christmas cards now.

I love drawing and Haven really does inspire me – in fact I’m sketching one now!’

A taster of Ron’s artwork


 Have you got any pictures of Haven that you’d like to share?
We’d love to see them #MyHavenDays


  • Jacqui Eyres

    Hi Helen this is My dad, hes so talented (I don’t take after him ) and hes got a brilliant imagination too, he can make any situation seem funny, just a little amendment to it im actually the youngest but its not really important, my dad has always been my hero and our superstar and the bravest most inspirational person I know and Im very lucky along with my twin sisters and older brother to call him Dad , he is just a pleasure to know and makes everyone his friend ,I will show him this blog he will chuckle probably. Thanks for showing other people what an amazing man he is and of course my mum too

    • Hey Jacqui 🙂

      Thanks so much for commenting – it’s wonderful to hear from you! My apologises, me and your Dad were talking for nearly an hour (he’s such an interesting man!) so I must have got my wires crossed 🙂

      Please let us know what he thought of the blog – we can’t wait to hear his comments 🙂

      Have a wonderful day 🙂

  • Jacqui Eyres

    Hi There. well I showed my dad this blog and Ive never known him to be stuck for words, he had a tear in his eye reading it , especially when we all told him how proud of him we where. he didn’t know that the pictures where being put on as a slideshow so that was a lovely surprise for him, he was very critical of some of the pictures but I just see the brilliance of him in them. Thanks so much for making him a “star” for the week we have saved this blog so we have memories for ever, we hope to be back at Presthaven if not later this year but next year if his health holds out , thanks for all your hard work and keep it up its lovely to read the stories of the very interesting and amazing guests getting their 15 minutes of fame as dad said regards Jacqui

    • Hey Jacqui 🙂

      What a lovely comment to read, I’m so pleased your wonderful Dad enjoyed the blog. A massive thanks to him for giving us the interesting pictures, he really is a talented individual.

      Please pass on my thanks for the letter and the personal picture, it was really sweet of him 🙂

      Have a wonderful day and hopefully we will welcome you back to Presthaven Beach resort soon!