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    Guide to understanding different regional dialects

    Our parks are located all around the UK in a number of different regions; so we have created this handy guide to help you understand the local lingo when you’re visiting a foreign region.

    The Lakes & Blackpool:

    – home to our parks Lakeland, Marton Mere and Cala Gran 

    Gully stottie: bread knife
    (Common in Ashington, Northumberland)

    He’s got a right cob on: someone is in a mood.

    Side the table: clear the table.



    – home to our parks Haggerston Castle and Berwick 

    Hoo’s ya fettle?: how are you?

    Aa winnet say nowt: I won’t say anything

    Gan canny: take care, take it easy


    Yorkshire –

    – home to our parks Blue Dolphin, Thornwick Bay, Reighton Sands and Primrose Valley

    It’s silin’ down: it’s raining heavily

    Where there’s muck there’s brass: a lot of money can be made from hard work

    Mardy: someone who is sulky or moody


    Lincolnshire –

    – home to our parks Thorpe Park and Golden Sands

    Spoggy – chewing gum
    (Common in Grimsby)


    Norfolk –

    – home to our parks Wild Duck, Hopton, Caister-on-Sea and Seashore

    Dodderman: snail

    Tittermatorter: see-saw

    Bishybarnabee: ladybird

    snail lady

    Kent & Sussex –

    – home to our parks Allhallows, Church Farm and Combe Haven

    Aching tooth: to wish for something very much
    (Common in Kent)

    Moysen a bit: drizzly rain.


    Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Somerset –

    – home to our parks Devon Cliffs, Rockley Park, Weymouth Bay, Seaview Park, Littlesea, Perran Sands, Riviere Sands, Doniford Bay and Burnham-on-Sea.

    Teazy as ’n adder: someone is feeling fragile / irritable
    (Common in Cornwall)

    Belve: to shout or sing loudly
    (Common in Devon)

    Dimpsy: dusk
    (Common in Somerset)

    not listening

    Wales –

    – home to our parks Kiln Park, Greenacres, Hafan y Môr, Presthaven, Lydstep Beach, Quay West and Penally Court.

    Bopa: local word for auntie

    Bald-headed: Behave recklessly

    Cwtch: to cuddle or lie down.


    Scotland –

    – home to our parks Craig Tara and Seton Sands

    Haud yer wheesht: be quiet

    Dinnae teach yer granny tae suck eggs: don’t try to teach someone something they already know

    Haste ye back: come back soon

    granny suck egg


    Do you know of any other different regional words or phrases? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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