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    Guinness World Record leaderboard

    Each night across all of our parks you could get the chance to become a world record holder live on stage thanks to Haven‘s new partnership with Guinness World Records.

    This exciting new addition to our holiday parks will see guests, FunStars and the Seaside Squad attempting to break records including ‘Fastest Time to Pack a Suitcase’, ‘Tallest Flip Flop Stack in 30 seconds’ and ‘Fastest Time to Pass Through 10 Rubber Rings’.

    We’ve put together a leaderboard to keep you updated with all the records that have already been broken on our parks and the records that are still waiting to be smashed!

    Leaderboard 0106

    The record breaking company will tour an interactive show alongside forming a regular part of our evening entertainment. On the GWRLive! Tour holidaymakers get to experience a fun, family-friendly four hour record breaking event which will allow them to practice, attempt and break actual records in real time.

    With at least 12 official world record attempts per show guests will get the chance to qualify for the ‘Champions Arena’ where they will get to attempt an official world record with a Guinness World Records adjudicator.

    Alongside the ‘GWRLive! Tour’ there are nightly Guinness World Records feature during the early evening GOLIVE show. Randomly selected guests will get the chance to take part in the GWRLIVE! experience and see if they can become record breakers.

    Haven also attempted to beat the record for ‘most sandcastles built in one hour’ as hundreds of FunStars took to Devon Cliffs beach in February and while the 2,230 sandcastles target wasn’t met, the whole team had great fun on the day!