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    Haven’s Guinness World Records Round Up

    To celebrate Guinness World Records Day, we’re taking a look back at the official attempts made at our holiday parks this year!

    The guys over at Guinness World Records have been setting our guests a range of unique and out right ridiculous challenges throughout the year, during the 100% Guinness World Records Game Show hosted at parks.

    Fastest tennis ball bounce pass

    On February 28, our Devon Cliffs FunStars achieved an accolade to be proud of. They managed to smash the Guinness World Record for “The fastest tennis ball bounce pass by a team of 8” in 17.130 seconds. This was achieved by Oakley Houghton, Hayley Webster, James Sullivan, Karl Ashworth, Thomas Hewitt, Danny Lucas, Luke Martin and Emily Woodcock. Go team!

    Most toothpicks put into a beard in 30 seconds

    Devon Cliffs also had the pleasure of witnessing holidaymaker Dean Carter achieve an official record on May 11. His steady pace led him to victory with a record-breaking 33 toothpicks inserted into his impressive beard, beating the previous record of 28! Watch him in action here.

    Official Guinness World Record attempts

    Many hopeful Haven contestants gave it their all and made their fiercest attempts this year, but sadly, the following defeated them:

    • Fastest time to pop three balloons blindfolded
    • Most tennis balls caught in a bucket on the head in one minute
    • Most ping pong balls bounced into a pint glass in one minute
    • Fastest time to complete 50 football passes

    Despite failing to break the records, our contestants all had a lot of fun along the way, and the audience definitely enjoyed watching them try (especially the fastest 20 metre moonwalk)!

    Table Top Records

    Some of our parks also took part in Guinness World Records Table Top records, which featured the following official (but again, unsuccessful) attempts:

    • Tallest Lego Criss Cross Tower in 30 seconds
    • Most flips of a plastic bottle in one minute
    • Fastest time to make a Mr Potato Head – blindfolded!
    • Fastest coin stack in 30 seconds

     Fancy your chances at being the next Guinness World Record holder? Check out our latest holiday deals so that you can take to the stage next year!