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    Halloween at Haven 2018

    Get ready for two goulish weeks of Halloween fun at Haven this October half term! We’re pulling out all of the stops across all of our parks, so expect spookified arts and crafts, entertainment and activities. We’ve pulled together all of the freakishly fun plans on parks from October 19 – November 2 below.

    Fancy dress competition

    Get into the Halloween spirit and dare to scare with your best fancy dress costume. Spiders and bats, and creepy black hats, witches and vampires, ghosts and ghouls – be the scariest you can be, whichever you choose. Party the night away as we search for our best-dressed Halloweenie.

    Halloween party

    Join us as we party to a ghastly good mix of spooky tunes, and play fun Halloween-themed games! Expect gunge roulette, guess the eyeballs in the jar, splat the bat and Scarymaniacs. If you thought ghosts and ghouls only came out after dark, you’ll be in for a surprise! This afternoon party is available at selected parks during October.

    Bingo Beats, The Halloween Mix

    Bingo with a difference! Is it Bingo? Is it a music game? It’s both! October’s Bingo Beats comes with a Halloween twist. Enjoy a great selection of spine-thrilling tunes such as Monster Mash, Thriller, Zombie or Abracadabra, and get ready to be on the edge of your seat as you wait for the one that’ll win you the line or get you the full house.

    Halloween production

    Come and watch our fiendish entertainment cast and their skeleton crew as they take to the stage in a spooktacular Halloween-themed production. This is sure to get you into the Halloween spirit. It’s frightfully good!

    Halloween Creations

    It’ll be creepy down at the teepee, with an enchanting mix of Halloween-themed Nature Rockz activities. Get your creative hats on as you turn our recycled materials into a ghoulish work of art. Using bottles, cardboard, yogurt pots and other recycled material, plus some fun decorative material, make your own spooky creation to scare your friends or parents!

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    Nature Trail

    Take a stroll around the park with Haven’s expert Rangers on their Nature Trail. With spiders, bugs and witches hats, can you find the pumpkins, spiders and creepy bats? Don’t be scared, follow the trail and keep your eyes peeled to find the hidden Halloween-themed pictures.

    For the teens and adults who dare, there is the option to walk into the unknown on a guided ghost walk!

    Pumpkin carving

    It wouldn’t be Halloween without creating a unique pumpkin that you can take away with you. Our friendly Rangers will give you the tools you need (you’ll get to keep these too) and will help you carve your pumpkin, then the rest is up to you. Friendly or fierce, with a grin or a scowl – the choice is yours!

    Once Upon A Time, a Halloween tale

    Join us for a spooky fun time as we tell you a fairy tale like you’ve never heard before. The evil old witch has decided that she doesn’t want to be mean and horrible anymore. However, some of our other favourite characters from Once Upon a Time Land don’t know whether to believe her or not. Will the witch switch and become nice, or is this just another of her fiendish plans to be nasty? Come along and find out at Once Upon a Time.

    Which activity or show are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section!