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    Scare yourself silly at Haven for Halloween

    This year is going to be the biggest and spookiest Halloween at Haven ever! We’ve pulled out all of the tricks and treats to shock and delight guests, with eerie entertainment, activities and arts and crafts to suit the whole family.

    Freakishly good entertainment

    Each park will be putting on a Halloween-themed production show which can’t be missed! All of the parties, games and quizzes will have their own monstrous twists, with bats in every belfry and witches in every wardrobe.

    Kids shouldn’t forget to pack their best Halloween costumes for the freakishly themed fancy dress competition. But don’t worry if you don’t have time to sort out a costume before you arrive, Haven have got you covered with an on-site pop-up Halloween shop.

    And for the grown-ups, why not treat yourself to a devilishly delicious ‘Fangtastic’ cocktail, garnished with floating fangs? You are on holiday after all!

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    Awesome activities

    There’s lots to do during the day, so get the whole family together and see who can carve the spookiest pumpkin or create the most ghoulish grass head over at the Nature Rockz teepee.

    Even archery will have a Halloween makeover, which will have you aiming for spookified targets – there’s even mini archery just for tots!

    And finally, for the teens and adults who dare… wander through the trees in the moonlight for an evening ghost walk!

    October half term is the last chance to visit a Haven park before the doors close for the year – so come and carve a pumpkin, bob for apples, and let Haven scare you silly!

    What do you think Rory and the rest of the Seaside Squad will dress as this year? Let us know your guesses in the comments section below.