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    A handy guide to Wimbledon phrases

    Wimbledon is everybody’s favourite time of year because even if you don’t like tennis, it’s a reason to tuck into some strawberries and cream!

    Whether you’re watching from Murray Mound, on your TV at home, or fancy playing yourself, you need to know what all the phrases mean.

    So we’ve selected some of the words you might hear and not understand at Wimbledon so you can be king or queen of the courts…


    We know you all love Haven, but in tennis love actually means zero points!


    No that’s not a delicious soft drink, it’s what it’s called in tennis when the score in a game reaches 40-40!


    When the player serving loses the game, it can break his/her heart a little. At least I think that’s why it’s called that?!

    Grand Slam

    It may sound like a wrestling move, but it’s actually the name of any of the four major tennis tournaments – Wimbledon, the Australian Open, the French Open and the US Open


    This is the part of the court which is only used for doubles matches


    A dropshot is when the player attempts to get the ball to land as close to the net as possible


    It’s when you make a serve which doesn’t land in play


    A rally is when players hit the ball back and forth without it going out of play


    They now use hawks to check whether a ball is in or out! Of course that’s not true it’s just the name of the technology which does just that


    This is when you win a point off your serve without your opponent being able to return it. Maybe that’s because getting one is totally ‘ace’!


    If you were hoping for a certain type of music, you’re in the wrong place! This is the line showing the back of the court


    Think this might be short for ‘let them have another go’. When a serve hits the net but lands within the service box, they are allowed to retake the shot


    Are you thinking of a player laying down and stroking the ground? Obviously that’s not right, this is when a shot is played after the ball has bounced on the ground

    Put your newly learnt phrases to the test by playing on our tennis courts!

    Click here

    How are you getting ready for Wimbledon?

    How excited are you for Wimbledon? And are there any other phrases you think we should have mentioned here? Let us know in the comment section below!

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