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    What a Good Friday! Plus a big happy birthday to Haven Facebook!

    First of all, I’d like to wish everyone a very happy Good Friday and I hope you are enjoying yourselves whatever you may be doing. I personally am praying for sun this weekend as I am sat in a slightly cloudy Haven HQ on a Thursday afternoon, so fingers crossed! It’s also a very good Friday here at Haven Holidays as we have turned a grand ole’ age of TWO on our Haven Facebook page, I know we don’t look a day over one do we?? We are all giddy with excitement and we want to celebrate that with you!

    As the Social media Manager here at Haven I love all things Facebook, Twitter, Instagram… I could go on! I am so proud of how our social family has grown over the years, so big THANK-YOU to everyone who follows, tweets and talks to us through the many different means out there.
    As I’m am typing this on Thursday (I’m speaking from the past!) we are currently on 89,822 and I am hoping that by the time you read this on Good Friday we have reached over 90,000 – what a Happy Birthday that would be!


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    If it’s your’s or someone else’s birthday soon why not share the video above to give them an extra special birthday message? Let us know what you think below and have a lovely Easter!