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    Haunted places around the UK

    Halloween is just around the corner and we’ve rounded up the most frightful fun you can have around our parks and maybe a ghoulish tale or two!


    When staying at any of our Yorkshire parks it appears you’re never too far from a ghost or three! All the activities below aren’t a frightful journey away and some won’t even cost the earth!
    Andrew, who works at Primrose Valley, suggested going to Scarborough castle to get some thrills! There are some ghostly rumours that Edward II was quite keen on this castle and even has some people executed here. It’s because of this that people have reported seeing some head-less ghosts wandering the halls.

    Did you know York was once voted the most haunted city in Europe?
    The historic city of York is just a short car journey away and has so much to do. If you fancy a spot of retail therapy (some men may find this daunting) you can walk the cobbled streets of the town centre to all of your favourite shops or just walk around the city taking in the history.
    School may be out when you visit so why not take a trip to York Dungeons for a bit of horrible history? The sister dungeon of the famous London one tells the gruesome tales of what once happened on York’s street – another fun fact, Dick Turpin was actually buried in York!

    Kelly, from Blue Dolphin, let us in on a little secret!
    It’s a little known fact but Whitby is a holiday destination for the most famous vampire – Dracula. Although his hometown is Transylvania, Dracula, like a lot of people can’t resist the pull of Yorkshire.
    Overlooking Whitby harbour, at the top of 199 stairs, is the Whitby Abbey ruins (as seen in our header image) was where part of Bram Stoker’s infamous novel was set.


    York Shambles


    Just a few miles down the road from our Caister Park is Somerton Ruin Church. Here once lived an evil witch (or so the story goes). She was so evil the village folk had to bury her and built a Holy Church on top to keep the evil spirit at bay. However, strangely enough, a large tree grows in the middle with people whispering it was from the ole’ wicked Witches leg. Caroline, who is part of the Caister team, says the story has it that if you go to the church ruin at midnight on Hallows eve you may see the wicked Witch and other souls she taunted.

    Caroline also told us of a ghost that lives a little closer to home – in Caister reception no less!
    As they are the oldest holiday park it’s no surprise they have a ghost. The ghost in question is called Mary who was a nurse during a war. She wanders around in a long grey dress searching for her long, lost soldier love. Have you seen her?

    Somerton Church

    Somerton Ruin Church

    There’ll be some spooky Halloween entertainment at Haven this half-term

    Click here


    Have you heard about the city’s deepest secret? Carrie, from our Seton Sands team, loved telling us about this Halloween treat that is just a short ride away.
    Mary King’s Close is buried deep beneath Edinburgh’s Royal Mile; a warren of hidden streets that has remained frozen in time since the 17th Century.
    Carrie describes the underground walk as ‘something special but very, very spooky.’ – You first then Carrie!


    Mary King's Close

    Mary King’s Close


    Poole is another place that seems to be holiday hot-spot for the supernatural! When I asked the girls at Rockley Park if they knew of any spooky happenings they stumbled upon the following website which has a list of ghostly residents that call Poole their home!
    They also said the King Charles pub is voted the most haunted pub in Poole.


    The King Charles pub

    The King Charles pub


    Lake District
    The Lakes are known for being scenic and tranquil but Sophie, from our Lakeland Park, tells us a slightly different tale.
    She says Muncaster Castle is well known for having some paranormal visitors and is even voted one of Britain’s most haunted castles!


    Muncaster Castle

    Muncaster Castle

    Do you dare visit any of these haunted hotspots this Halloween? Or do you think that you know somewhere that will send shivers down everyone’s spine? Let us know in the comments below – go on we dare you!