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    Have you been to the new pool at Craig Tara?

    This week we went to officially open the new pool complex up at Craig Tara Holiday Park! Haven has invested in excess of £3 million in re-styling their pool area in Ayr, Scotland.

    With a whole range of features you can expect to find three pools, a children’s paddling area with mini slide and water play features, nearly 200m of giant flumes, a 90m rapid ride and a 30m three lane slide. This makes it the largest pool in the Haven portfolio!

    This is first phase of a multi-million pound development on the park. Over the last 7 years the park has seen an investment of £20million.

    You can find, water spray cannons, interactive water channels and high walkways. Colourful decorative features include penguins, hot air balloons, feature boats and coloured barrels.

    With all this on offer there is definitely something to please the whole family this year!

    Ribbet collage

    What do you think of the new pool? Are you excited to get back to your holiday home? Let us know what you think in the comments section below!