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    Have you seen Haven Ownership on TV recently?

    We are excited to tell you that you will be seeing Haven Ownership adverts appearing on ITV3 throughout the afternoons from the 1st March! With a whole array of different stories to tell, you will see a glimpse into the lives of the different owners that we have at our parks across the uk.  At the bottom of this blog you can watch one of these new adverts!

    These short adverts are all about stories, we wanted to show that a holiday home is for everyone and that there are a whole range of different families and couples on our parks. We are always on the look out for interesting and different stories from our owners, so if you are an owner please get in touch and let us know, as we would love to hear about your ownership with us!


    There will be a whole range of short adverts coming your way just before and after shows on ITV 3 between the hours 2pm and 7pm. Including programmes such as Heartbeat, Wild at Heart and A Touch of Frost, until the end of September.  Here are a couple of images that you can expect to see over the coming months letting you know all about our owners stories!

    Ribbet collage1

    Here is one of the adverts fresh off the press. Stay tuned to ITV3 in the afternoons for more of these throughout the year!

    Do you have any stories from your ownership? Are you looking to become a holiday home owner this year? Let us know in the comment below!