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    Haven and Motability – a £400,000 milestone!

    We’ve been working with National disability charity,Motability for over ten years and we are pleased to announce we helped raise of £400,000 for this amazing charity!
    Some of the Haven team and representatives from Motability joined Motability customer David Hawkins from Lincoln, to celebrate this amazing achievement at our Rockley Park in Poole last week.

    David, who has rheumatoid arthritis, has been a Motability Scheme customer for 10 years and travelled to the park in his Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle that he leases on the Motability Scheme.

    He said:  “My life has improved so much since I joined the scheme. It’s given me back my independence as I am able to take part in my hobbies.

    It’s great to be here at Haven, as their holiday parks provide me with full accessibility to all their facilities. I am pleased they support Motability so generously.”

    For every discounted booking made by a Motability Scheme customer, Haven makes a donation to Motability, to support its Charitable Grant Fund, which directly benefits disabled people.

    Warren Smith, Corporate and Trusts Relationship Manager for Motability, said: ‘”We are extremely grateful to Haven for their fantastic support, and it is great to see that our customers, like David, enjoy visiting their parks.”

    Our lovely Ruth, who is the Account Manager at Haven, agrees.
    “The charity makes a huge difference to disabled people and their families across the UK, which makes the £400,000 we have raised even more special.”


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