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    The sun just can't stop shining in the UK at the moment. And while that's great for tanning there's also plenty you need to know about how to enjoy the …

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    When the weather is dull, keep your little ones' smiles bright by creating an indoor den to fill those rainy days. Using inspiration from our creative Haven guests who entered our #IBuiltADen …

    5 must-have affordable winter gadgets for 2017

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    How To Make Your Own Guy Fawkes

    Bonfire Night is soon approaching so get the family together and have some fun! Making your own Guy Fawkes is a fun activity for all the family and the kids …

    How to Make a Stick of Rock

    Join Helen and Polly as they visit Stanton Novelty rock factory and discover how the traditional seaside rock is made. The team at Stanton Novelty rock factory are making this unique …

    How to fly a kite

    Let’s go fly a kite, up to the highest height! After watching our ‘How to Make a Kite’ video check out these simple tips to make sure you have the …

    How to Go Bonkers with Conkers

    After spending hours collecting conkers with your little ones it seems a shame to just throw their hard earned treasures away, so why not try some of these ideas this …

    DIY half term: How to make an origami Anxious

    If you love the Seaside Squad (and we're pretty sure everybody does!) you can make your own origami Anxious in the comfort of your own home this half term. All you need to …

    Do you want to make a Snowman?

    Did you miss having snow yet again over Christmas? Well don't worry, you can still make a snowman and the best thing about this one is it will never melt! As Christmas …