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    Fun nature activities for kids

    Wondering how to keep the kids busy at home? You’re not alone, which is why our wonderful Nature Rockz team have teamed up to create five inspiring videos, showing you …

    Haven’s partnership with Activate better than ever in 2017

    We are delighted to announce Haven's partnership with Activate is set to be bigger and better than ever in 2017. This Easter and summer get outdoors with Haven and Activate Camps. …

    Nature Rockz: Bugs – Playing Cards

    To keep you entertained when you're not on a holiday with Haven or while you're chilling in your caravan we've made our own Nature Rockz playing cards game! The first edition …

    Help animals prepare for winter

    Kids survival guide to the summer holidays

    Spotting real life Pokemon

    Nature Rockz: Mammals – Playing Cards

    World Environment Day – Nature Rockz Playing Cards round-up

    Nature Rockz: Sealife – Playing Cards

    Wildlife Myth-buster!

    There are many different myths about wildlife in the UK and our job today is to bust these myths! During my research I found out some quite surprising facts! Read …

    How to help a hedgehog

    As the days shorten and the temperature drops, the air becomes crisp and the envelope of green slowly begins to change into the rich tapestry of autumn. Walking through the countryside, …

    How to make a bird bottle feeder

    It was Mary Poppins who famously sang 'feed the birds' and we're taking her advice with this DIY bird feeder.  DIY can be thirsty work and did you know you can put …

    Benefits of fresh air

    What could be more fitting for a weekend than bracing the great outdoors. We love family time and we love being healthy, so, why not combine the two? Here are just …

    5 great alternative ideas for conkers

    Are you absolutely bonkers about conkers? Of course you are, but they don't just have to be used for conker wars, we've found a number of great alternative ideas! 1. Make …

    Nature Rockz takeover: How to build a shelter!

    If we gave you 3 large sticks, a tarpaulin and some string, would you be able to make a shelter?  Don't worry if the answer is no as we've asked Ranger Steve …