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    Haven by numbers

    Autumn has now arrived but just what have you been up to on park over the summer? We’ve done some number crunching and found some brilliant facts!


    Did you know if you stacked all buckets you’ve bought on park and played with this summer on top of each other they would be (a lot) taller than Mount Everest?




    That’s an awful lot of portions of fish and chips you’ve managed to eat – well we guess the number may be more around the 100 mark if you take away the ones stolen by those pesky seagulls!


    That’s right, you’ve had a collective 353,469 Ice Creams over the summer – that’s about 122 days worth of brain freezes altogether!



    An incredible 406,830 sets of bat and balls were bought and used on park across the summer meaning there could be 813,660 new Novak Djokovic’s or Serena Williams’ out there!


    You’re little ones have cuddled up to 186,374 Seaside Squad teddies this year – I’m sure yours would love to have them all in their room but we don’t know if they’d all fit!



    You could cover the pitch at Wembley Stadium twice with the amount of postcards you’ve sent to friends and loved ones this summer, we wouldn’t do it in reality because we don’t want those footballers getting mud all over your lovely messages!



    If you laid down sticks of rock you’ve eaten length ways they would be able to go from one end of Greek island Kos to the other, and back again!

    All figures were correct as of August 28

    What was the favourite thing you did this summer?
    Let us know in the comment section below!