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    Haven partners with the RNLI

    Have you heard the news? Haven and the RNLI have decided to team up to save lives at sea. The partnership with the Royal National Lifeboat Institution (RNLI) officially launches on March 26th, and will become Haven’s exclusive national charity partner. Both organisations are part of the fabric of British Holidays and trips to the coast, which means they are perfectly placed to share vital water safety messages.

    Rory the Tiger meets Stormy Stan

    Rory the Tiger popped down to the beach to meet with Stormy Stan, the RNLI’s friendly representative for water safety. After an exchange of greetings and a slow-motion run along the shore, the two became inseparable! They shared their love for the seaside and agreed that it is very important to respect the sea and know about beach safety.

    The partnership aims to support our ‘Safe & Secure’ attitude towards water and beach activities across their 36 award winning family holiday parks. Later this year, we will be getting stuck in with the RNLI’s Mayday and Fish Supper fundraising campaigns. They will run a combination of engaging on-site events and adventurous activities aimed at encouraging families to discover more about the importance of beach safety.

    New for 2018

    Exciting new things are happening at Haven… We’re introducing a shiny-new activity created with the RNLI called ‘Coastal Explorer as part of its popular Nature Rockz programme across all 36 holiday parks. This fun, free activity gives our holidaymakers the opportunity to take part in an expert guided beach safety session led by Haven’s experienced coastal rangers. Keep an eye out! This activity will be available from May 1st.

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    We are very proud to be partnering with the RNLI over the next three years. As a family holiday provider with locations all around the Great British coast we have a ‘Safe & Secure’ attitude towards water and beach activities, which makes the RNLI the perfect fit for Haven. In 2017, we welcomed over 2.6m holidaymakers to our holiday parks, many travelling from inland towns and cities. This partnership gives us a huge opportunity to share vital water safety messaging with all our guests.

    Jane Bentall, Managing Director at Haven


    • The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea
    • Every day, its 238 volunteer lifeboat crews are on call to help people in danger in the water
    • Through the holiday season, RNLI lifeguards patrol more than 240 British beaches to keep people safe
    • All year round, the charity works with communities across the UK and Ireland, explaining the risks and sharing safety advice to prevent tragedies on and offshore

    The partnership between The RNLI and Haven is an exciting opportunity to talk with thousands of families enjoying coastal holidays about safety around water. The RNLI volunteers and staff will be working alongside our team at holiday parks and around the coast to create fun family activities, share essential safety advice and raise money to support The RNLIs drowning prevention and lifesaving work.

    Mark it in your calendars! On May 1st we have our brand new activity coming to our Nature Rockz programme, ‘Coastal Explorer’. Be sure to check it out next time you visit our Haven parks.