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    Haven’s partnership with Activate better than ever in 2017

    We are delighted to announce Haven’s partnership with Activate is set to be bigger and better than ever in 2017.

    This Easter and summer get outdoors with Haven and Activate Camps. We’re proud to be bringing our Nature Rockz programme to 26 different camps across the UK, up from 13, to make mini Rangers out of your kids!

    Activate Camps are the leading provider of active and inspiring childcare across the UK, believing that every child should have the opportunity to try new things and develop both brain and body – something our Nature Rockz course is great at.

    On the course they will learn a number of essential nature skills, including den building, looking after our wildlife and learning about the natural beauty that surrounds them – they’ll soon know their guillemots from their gannets!

    Things will also get a bit crafty with our natural collage and Grass Head sessions.

    The sessions will be running from 3rd April – 13th April to celebrate Easter, and then again from 17th July – 25th August with every mini Ranger receiving a certificate, plus all of their handmade nature crafts – perfect to show Mum and Dad!

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