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    Haven’s indoor Easter Egg hunt!

    Ahh Easter weekend – how we love you. We’ve got our fingers tightly crossed for four days of glorious sunshine but just in case that doesn’t happen we’ve come up with an indoor Easter Egg hunt that should keep the kids entertained for a little while.

    The average home or caravan has an abundance of different hiding places so feel free to add to our Easter Egg hunt to suit your home.

    All you need is an Easter egg for each child that is playing, some paper and pen or print off our clue below.

    Before we give you the answers (you can find them at the bottom of the page) see you can work out these tricky (ish) riddles and find out if you are smarter than your children!


    clue one





    clue three



    clue four



    clue five



    well done


    How did you do? Here’s the answers!

    Clue one – Washing machine
    Clue two – Under the bed
    Clue three – Bathroom
    Clue four – Sofa
    Clue five – Curtains

    Are you staying at a Haven park this Easter?
    We’d love to hear all about it! Have a ‘cracking’ time!

    (you’d didn’t think you’d make it all the way through Easter without a bad  pun did you??)