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    Throwback Thursday: The history of Craig Tara

    Going back in time to where it all began…

    Craig Tara was brought to life during the Second World War when Billy Butlin was asked to build two extra camps in North Wales and Scotland.

    Ayr was the chosen place to build the Scottish park, with the gentle sloping land and beautiful beach on the doorstep of the site. To top it off, the serenity of the countryside park was just four miles south from the hustle and bustle of the town- the best of both worlds.

    Work began in 1940 and the park was opened with the name ‘HMS Scotia’ the following year. The navy used the park for training throughout the war and as soon as the war ended, the Navy vacated the park and Billy Butlin took ownership in 1946.


    The site was then transformed into a holiday park and opened the following year. At this time, the Heads of Ayr Holiday Camp included a funfair, ballroom, boating lake, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, theatre, tennis courts, arcade and many more facilities. The camp was renamed Wonderwest World.

    From 1999, Butlin Wonderwest was taken over by Haven Holidays and was renamed Craig Tara. One of our current employees Kirsten Godfrey who has been working at Craig Tara for 20 years named the park after discovering the name on a map of Ayr, mapping some rocks in the sea.

    Kirsten says, “Looking back now it is really cool to think I came up with the name, especially since I am still working here.”

    With continual developments and abundance of facilities, Craig Tara has become a fantastic place for owners and holidaymakers.

    To be continued….