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    Holiday Home Review: Willerby Vogue Lodge

    Now here is the ultimate luxury holiday home. This is the perfect place to get the whole family together and provides the ideal seaside retreat away from city life! Owning this holiday home will make you want to travel to it with every chance that you get. Let’s find out what it has to offer…

    How big is a Willerby Vogue Lodge?

    We’re talking real luxury-sized roominess here. The lodge is 42ft long and 14ft wide. There’s plenty of room for the whole family to come and stay without getting under each other’s feet – it’s a huge lounge area for everyone to relax in together on the free-standing three-piece suite.

    In fact, it’s easy to forget you’re not in an actual house or apartment with so much room. It has a huge bay window, a vaulted ceiling canopy for an extra bit of height, and optional French doors that open out onto the patio. It’s the perfect spot for a table and chairs in the summer, and acts like a whole other ‘room’ when the weather’s behaving. Plus, the living area leads right into the kitchen, so it extends out even more for a real open plan feel.

    The biggest clues to the scale of the Willerby Vogue are the fact that it comes with a bath in one of the bathrooms, as well as a shower in the other; its massive master bedroom with a walk-in wardrobe and king size bed; and a huge fitted kitchen.

    How big is the kitchen?

    It’s such a beautiful, spacious kitchen– that even the non-cooks who usually stay well away will want a nose around! And for the chefs of the family, it’s just so nice to move about in that it’ll help you create the best meals possible. It’s ‘ergonomically designed’ too, which basically means that the manufacturers have tried to create everything so it’s easier to use.

    There’s an under counter fridge and freezer, washer and dryer, microwave, stainless steel four burner gas hob, gas oven, and even a space saving down draft extractor hood – that pops down out of the way at the touch of a button. Talk about gadgets -the plug sockets shift out of the way at the touch of a button as well. Everything feels streamlined, easy to use and perfect for dinner parties. Which brings me to my favourite bit that I’ve saved for last… the optional electric wine cooler – a clear sign that you’ve really took it up a gear in the luxury stakes!

    kitchen resized

    What are the bedrooms like in the Willerby Vogue?

    The bedrooms are a real talking point in the Willerby Vogue, because they’re laid out in a unique way – which gives them even more room to move around. It’s what allows for a dressing table on one side of the bed in the master bedroom, and storage units on the other. And with a king size bed to sprawl out on, and a walk-in wardrobe to boot – that’s some achievement by the designers! There’s even a remote control riser system for your TV so it comes out of the sideboard.

    And (as if it couldn’t get any better) the bed lifts up to double-up as a nifty storage solution. So you can always hide stuff, like a buggy or suitcases,quickly out of the way if you need to. The twin bedrooms are just as roomy, with 3ft wide beds and overhead cupboards for extra storage, which always come in handy.

    But my real favourite thing about all the bedrooms in the Vogue, is the fact that rich fabric curtains and furnishings all come with it as standard. And with the deluxe package, you can choose the Comfort Plus mattresses – so you get an extra comfy sleep, plus those special designer touches that make it feel even more luxurious.

    bedroom resized

    And what about the bathroom?

    The fact that the Willerby Vogue Lodge comes with a bath is a holiday home owner’s dream. Grab a glass of wine, dot some scented candles around, and get the bubbliest bubble bath out to completely unwind – you’ll be one of the few people on-park able to do so. But if you’re more a shower lover, then there’s that option too – with a wide, one piece fibre glass shower enclosure. It truly is the best of both worlds.

    The best thing for me? That means kids and grownups bathrooms, so there’s no delays getting everybody ready for a day or night out… and nobody knocking not he door for the toilet while you’re enjoying a nice bath.

    What features does the Willerby Vogue Lodge come with?


    • Quality Kingspan wall, floor and heating insulation for extra warmth
    • Underfloor electric heating in en-suite and family shower room– ultimate luxury when you’re a bit nippy!
    • Gas fire in the living room for that cosy ‘homely’ feel while you watch telly
    • A coffee table in place of upholstered storage foot stool, if you prefer
    • Built-in storage cupboards around the living room for all your bits ‘n’ bobs
    • Wall art and wall mounted mirror
    • PVCU double glazed windows and doors for more energy efficient insulation
    • High performance rigid vinyl cladding on the outside.

    How much is the Willerby Vogue Lodge?

    For a fully sited Willerby Vogue Lodge with a veranda and patio doors, this luxury model comes in at around £89,000. That’s with everything you could possibly need already fitted inside, from the integrated side by side washer and dryer, fridge freezer, microwave – and basically, all the standard features that we’ve mentioned in this review. You even get the bedding packs, and scatter cushions with a model this top-end – so you’re pretty much getting it as you see it in the pictures, to move right into!

    Should I buy a Willerby Vogue Lodge?

    If you’re looking for something to be your ultimate home from home, where you’re going to spend lots of weekends enjoying, and to reward yourself for all those long hours at work – then this really is an amazing model. It’s perfect weekends with the grand kids and family to help make magical memories. It’s got loads of room, storage solutions, and all of those easy to use gadgets to add a splash of luxury.


    Do you think the Willerby Vogue Lodge is the holiday home for you? You can call us on 0870 165 0154 to find out more or leave us a comment in the section below. Even better, you can see it for yourself with a VIP visit to your preferred park. Either way, we look forward to hearing from you as always!