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    Holiday Home Stories: The McKeon Family

    We love sharing stories from our parks, especially ones from our fantastic owners. Owning a holiday home gives you and your family the freedom to getaway to your own piece of the coast. With a friendly and welcoming community on park, we wanted to share with you what our owners love about their park and holiday homes.

    Mark and Karen Mckeon have been owners at Marton Mere for 3 years and love their park as much as we do! We’ve had a quick interview with them to find out what they love about their park and why they chose us.

    What made you want to buy a holiday home?

    We wanted to spend more quality time together as a family away from work.

    Why did you choose Marton Mere?

    The park is only 45 minutes drive from where we live so Marton Mere is easy to get to; it’s close to Blackpool centre and has great amenities on site and very child friendly.

    How was your buying experience?

    Jen helped us from beginning to end, from finding us the perfect caravan and plot to finding our way around camp. The whole process was made quick and easy and any questions were answered.


    Why do you love being a holiday home owner at Marton Mere?

    Being an owner is like joining a big family with all of the different events from birds of prey experience, inflatable fun, visits to the zoo, circus and evenings of fun at the monthly themed parties.

    We have been owners now for 3 years and know many of the staff and other owners well. We happily look forward to our family weekends together and hope to stay here at Marton Mere for many years to come.


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