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    How to build the perfect sandcastle

    It’s August Bank Holiday, hooray! What do you have planned this weekend? If you haven’t made plans yet we’ve got just the answer – head to the beach for some good old fashioned sandcastle building fun! But how to build the perfect sandcastle? Look no further, Mark Anderson (Master Sand Sculptor from the amazing Sandworld in Weymouth) is here to tell you how in 8 simple steps…

    1. Get yourself a nice clean bucket

    2. Find the perfect sand (Mark says Weymouth sand is the best in the world…)

    3. Get a few handfuls of damp sand (the dry stuff on the surface is no good for sandcastle building)

    4. Press it down into the bucket, right into the edges

    5. Build up your layers, a few handfuls at a time pressing down each layer as you go

    6. Top it off and press the sand down

    7. Pat around the sides to loosen the sandcastle inside the bucket

    8. Carefully turn your bucket onto the sand, give it a magic pat and release it (watching out for the handle!)

    Watch the video below to see Mark, Polly, FunStar Kieran and Sarah from Weymouth Bay creating their perfect castles…

    Do you have any sandcastle creations you’d like to share with us? Send us your photos #myhavenadventure on Twitter @haven, Instagram @havenholidays or find Haven Holidays on Facebook. Happy sandcastle building!