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    How to help a hedgehog

    As the days shorten and the temperature drops, the air becomes crisp and the envelope of green slowly begins to change into the rich tapestry of autumn.

    Walking through the countryside, past hedgerows, the rich aroma of ripened berries. takes me back to childhood walks with my family, using hats as bags being careful to collect the sweet blackberries with eager anticipation over  the resulting luscious crumble that would help celebrate the season at our dinner table.

    As I continue to walk I notice the piles of leaves which again take me back to my childhood, I remember how good these were as a child, I used to pick them up and throw them high, watching as the fell back to the ground and it strikes me – something I have not thought of in a while, I remember my Mum telling me not to kick the leaf piles as they are perfect for Hedgehogs, warm, comfy and well insulated, a safe haven in an ever changing surrounding.

    I remember how much I loved Hedgehogs, coming to the back door of the house at night; we used to leave minced meat out in a little dish and would peer out from the window with prickly intrigue.



    But all these years on and now I’m fully grown up, i have to ask myself – when was the last time I saw a hedgehog? It struck me that it had been a while. How long I couldn’t be sure,

    In 10 years since these memories were formed, one third of hedgehogs have disappeared in the UK. At this current rate, we risk losing these friendly little fellas from our landscape for good.

    There are 15 million gardens in the UK, so if everyone can do something for wildlife in their gardens or outside green spaces, we can start to reverse this decline.

    As the urban conurbations expand, Hedgehogs need some help, a few really simple measures will help protect this species in the UK for future generations, embrace your green space and do your bit for wildlife and give nature a home. Create a little haven for wildlife in your garden, make a few leaf piles, log piles, position a cut out in the garden fence for access, plant wildflowers and even create a hedgehog home. For more information about how you can do your bit,please follow:

    and help the hedgehogs.

    We’d love to see pictures of your hedgehog homes – share them below!