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    How to live like a local: Lincolnshire

    There are so many amazing things to discover in the UK and the traditions and culture of a place can differ greatly from one place to the next. When visiting our parks around the UK, it’s a great idea to explore the local area to get a taste of their history and culture to see what it’s like to live like a local. We have two parks in Lincolnshire: Thorpe Park and Golden Sands so we have come up with a handy guide to help you fit right in with the locals when you go to visit.

    Traditional Lincolnshire Food

    If you’re in the area, try your hand at these local delicacies so you can get a taste of what it’s like to live in Lincolnshire.

    1. Lincolnshire Sausage

    Lincolnshire is well known for their famous tasty sausages and no trip to Lincolnshire would be complete without trying their special dish. The Lincolnshire sausage is dominated by the herb sage rather than the more peppery flavour that you’ll find in most English sausages, which is what gives it it’s unique taste.

    2. Stuffed Chine

    Now not everyone may have heard of this. Stuffed Chine is the salted neck-chine of a pig filled with herbs, normally parsley.

    3. Lincolnshire Haslet

    Lincolnshire haslet is a type of pork meatloaf which can be made by mixing stale white bread, sage, ground pork, salt and black pepper. Haslet is usually served cold with pickles and salad or you can put it in a sandwich.

    4. Grantham Gingerbread Biscuits

    Now this one sounds yummy! Grantham in Lincolnshire is known for its gingerbread with the tradition dating back to 1740. It is said that a baker discovered the recipe by mistaking one ingredient for another when making cakes, and we’re glad he did!

    5. Lincolnshire Plum Bread

    Lincolnshire plum bread  is full of dried fruits or raisins and is a traditional Lincolnshire treat that goes down lovely with breakfast or tea. Many cooks actually bake the bread without any yeast to make the dish more like a cake.

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    Famous Lincolnshire Sayings

    If you’ve travelled around the UK, then you may have noticed there can be a huge difference in the accents and dialects of different towns and cities, particularly when comparing the north and south. We’ve found a few popular words and sayings in the Lincolnshire area so you don’t get lost for words!

    Duck – duck is used as a term of endearment in Lincolnshire. Where some places might use words such as love or darling when in conversation, the people of Lincolnshire use duck.

    Mardy – Mardy is used to describe when someone is in a bad mood

    Grufty – dirty

    Tats – potato 

    Ower – over

    After-a-bit – shortly

    Chuddy – chewing gum

    Beeling – crying

    Famous Sights of Lincolnshire 

    Get to know the area! If you’re going to fit in with the locals then you’ll need to know where all the best sights and attractions are.

    When you’re in Lincolnshire a trip to Lincoln city is a must! Lincoln is full of many famous attractions including Steep Hill, Lincoln Castle and Lincoln Cathedral. These can all be done on the same day and definitely shouldn’t be missed.

    Start at the bottom of steep hill and make your way up the historic cobbled street bypassing many quaint independent shops, tea rooms and pubs along the way. Once at the top turn left to head towards Lincoln Castle which dates back almost 1000 years. Lincoln Castle has witnessed many famous events in English history and was built by William the Conqueror after his victory in the Battle of Hastings. 

    After this pay a visit to the stunning Lincoln Cathedral which was the tallest building in the world for a full 238 years! The grand building stands tall above Lincolns City centre and really is a beautiful must-see piece of architecture.

    We took a visit to Lincolnshire to find out more about the local area. Watch our 48 hour guide to see what amazing places we came across on our visit.


    Have you tried any of these local delicacies or visited these famous sights? Or do you have any more sayings that you think should be included? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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