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    How to live like a local: North Wales

    Discover some of the best outdoor activities in the world when you take a trip to North Wales. Full of beautiful beaches and breath-taking mountain scenery, there is plenty to explore. We have three parks in North Wales, Hafan y Môr, Greenacres and Presthaven, so we have come up with a guide to help you fit in with the locals when you explore the local areas around our parks. 

    Traditional Food in North Wales 

    When you’re visiting the area, make sure you try some of these tasty traditional dishes!

    1. Welsh Rarebit

    Welsh Rarebit may sound quite fancy, but it’s essentially just cheese on toast! Welsh rarebit dates back to the 18th century and there is a variety of different recipes around but they would mostly include Welsh cheese, ale and mustard and be served on toast.


    2. Bara Birth

    No trip to Wales would be complete without trying some bara birth. Served with afternoon tea, you’ll usually find it on the highest tier. Bara birth is a traditional fruit cake with a unique flavour. As legend says, the recipe was found by accident when half a pot of cold tea was put into the mix by mistake. Click here to have a go at making your own!

    3. Welsh Crempog

    Welsh Crempog is a welsh pancake that’s different from the traditional British or French crepe, and more like an American pancake. Cremprog can be made with or without yeast, with buttermilk and oats or include raisins or currants. Cremprogs are usually stacked and covered in butter, they are often sliced like a wedge of cake and enjoyed as a teatime treat.


    4. Welsh Cawl

    Welsh Cawl is a traditional Welsh stew that is made all over Wales. If you are inland or up in the hills the stew will typically contain lamb or mutton Cawl, however on the coast it may contain seafood Cawl. Perfect for those cold wintery nights this hearty stew will warm you up and you can even add your own personal touches.

    Click here for a recipe that you can follow at home.

    Famous Sayings in North Wales 

    If you’re a fan of the famous romantic sitcom Gavin and Stacey, you may think you have got to know the Welsh accent and the dialect pretty well. However here are some phrases you might not know of that may come in handy when visiting the area.

    Daps – sports footwear

    Pop – soft drink

    Now after – in the future

    Where to? – where?

    By there – there

    What it is – this is the situation

    Half and half – one part chips one part rice

    Tamping – furious

    Alright or wha? – hello

    We have three amazing parks in North Wales, click here to check them out as a place to stay when you’re visiting the area.


    Famous Sights in North Wales  

    North Wales is full of rugged cliffs, pristine beaches and spectacular views, it really is a breath-taking part of the country. With so much to see and do in this part of the country, we have found three of the top places we think you should definitely check out.

    Snowdonia National Park

    Snowdonia National Park is a definite must if you’re visiting North Wales. With breathtaking views, lakes, waterfalls, hiking trails, world-class mountain biking and steam train railways there is something for everyone, making it the perfect family day out. Fly down the mile long zip wire, challenge yourself with white water rafting or go back in time when you visit Harlech Castle. Snowdonia National Park really is the perfect active day out.

    To find out more on what you could get up to at Snowdonia National Park click here


    Llandudno & The Great Orme

    If you’re looking for a spectacular seafront with magnificent views, then Llandudno is the perfect place for you. Whether you want to sunbathe for the day on one of their blue flag beaches, treat yourself to some candyfloss on Llandudno pier, enjoy the view from the Llandudno cable cars or explore The Great Orme is up to you.

    The Great Orme is an enormous chunk of limestone that rises 679ft out of the sea. The history of The Great Orme is said to be over 350 million years old meaning it is full of fascinating geology and archaeology wonders and is also full of wildlife.

    And if you have time after all that then give the Alice in Wonderland trail a go!


    Bodnant Garden 

    Visit one of the most beautiful gardens in the UK, spanning 80 acres over the River Conway you will have spectacular views across the valley and over to the mountainous Snowdonia range. Bondnant Garden is full of interesting and stunning plants from all over the world including China, Japan, North America and Europe. Bodnant Garden has plants and flowers to compliment all seasons, keeping the garden fresh and beautiful all year round.


    To see what we got up to when we went to visit North Wales, watch the video below!


    Have you tried any of these local delicacies or visited these famous sights? Or do you have any more sayings that you think should be included? Let us know in the comment section below! 

    If you’re looking to find out more about our holiday parks in North Wales click here