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    How to live like a local: Northumberland

    Take a trip to the northernmost point in England where you will be overwhelmed with history and natural beauty. We have two parks in Northumberland, Berwick and Haggerston Castle so we have come up with this helpful guide to help you fit in with the locals when you visit.

    Traditional Food in Northumberland

    Try out these tasty traditional dishes when you visit the area:

    1. Alnwick Stew 

    Alnwick stew is said to have originated at Alnwick Castle, home of the Percy family (Dukes of Northumberland). Alnwick Stew is a hearty meal and simple to make! It uses gammon or ham, sliced onions, sliced potatoes and plenty of mustard powder, salt & pepper to season.

    2. Craster Kippers

    Craster Kippers are acclaimed to be the best kippers in Britain. They come from the Northumberland village of Craster and are produced by world famous traditional fish smokers L. Robson & Sons. These legendary kippers are definitely worth trying if you’re in the area!

    3. Baltic Cheese

    Baltic is a mature cheese made on a family farm in the Glendale Valley in Northumberland. The cheese ranges from semi hard to soft in texture and whilst maturing is washed or rubbed in solutions such as brine. The family at the farm are involved with the process including feeding and milking the cows to choosing and mixing the ingredients.

    Famous Sayings in Northumberland

    Bait – food

    Muckle – great or big

    Mebbies – maybe

    Netty – toilet

    Brig – bridge

    Lonnen – lane

    Peth – a road up a steep hill

    Yin – one

    Clart – mud

    We have two amazing parks in Northumberland, click here to find out more!

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    Famous Sights in Northumberland

    As the first place the vikings visited when they came to the UK many years ago, it still proves just as popular with tourists today, read below to find out what you could get up to in Northumberland.

    Hadrian’s Wall

    Hadrian’s wall dates all the way back to the Roman Times and was built as a defensive fortification to protect emperor Hadrian in 122 AD. Visitors can still visit the remains of the wall today and the spectacular Heritage Site marches 73 miles from sea to sea and boasts some stunning views along the way.


    Alnwick Castle & Gardens 

    Be blown away by beauty when you visit the Duke of Northumberland’s home, Alnwick Castle. With it’s walls steeped in history and filled with tales, they’ll be plenty to learn about! Or if film and TV is your thing, Alnwick Castle has featured in all kinds of film productions, most famously starring as Hogwarts in the first two Harry Potter films!



    Berwick-upon-Tweed is the northernmost town in England, just 2 1/2 miles south of the Scottish boarder. The coastal town is well equipped with four sandy beaches and beautiful riverside walks making it the ideal location for walkers and cyclists. Learn the history of the area at Berwick Castle and the museums in Berwick Barracks.


    Watch our video below to see what we got up to when we went to visit the area.


    Have you tried any of these local delicacies or visited these famous sights? Or do you have any more sayings that you think should be included? Let us know in the comment section below! 

    If you’re looking to find out more about our holiday parks in Northumberland click here

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