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How to make a Fruity Minton with David Domoney

For 2016, Haven has partnered with ITV celebrity gardener David Domoney as he becomes Haven’s Gardening Ambassador. David will be here to showcases all manner of gardening hints and tips for the whole family alongside explaining how to make your holiday home look it’s best with all manner of floral and fauna.

David Domoney demonstrates just how easy it is to make a Fruity Minton at home, a refreshing, summer drink that is just packed full of flavours. With no added sugars and extremely thirst quenching this drink is perfect for all occasions for all types of people whether it be a garden party or just something to give the kids on a hot day. Watch the video below to find out how it is done.

How to recreate is video


Needed to combine the fruit, water and mint to make it into a smooth and delicious drink.



David uses a mixture of berries and citrus fruits; however, you can use whatever fruits you like! Find your favourite combination and let us know in the comments box!


Adding berries gives the Fruity Minton a sweet taste making it scream summer, why not try adding raspberries to give a more vibrant red colour.
Where to buy: BlackberriesBlueberries 


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Adding the citrus juice makes the Fruity Minton a refreshing beverage making it an excellent choice on those hot summer days.
Where to buyLemon, Lime & Orange

lemon lime


There is nothing worse than a warm drink when you need cooling down, adding ice means that the drink is at the perfect temperature.
Where to buy: Ice



Not forgetting the most important ingredient, so much that it is in the name… Mint! Giving you that fresh unique taste that makes this drink different from most other soft drinks –remember don’t add too much as it has a strong taste and you don’t want it to overpower the drink!
Where to buy: Mint


Sparkling Water

Using sparkling water means that you can still get the fizz of a soft drink but without the added sugar and it quenches your thirst!
Where to buy: Sparkling Water


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