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    How to make Frozen Cocktails

    There’s nothing quite like sitting in the sun and sipping on a nice summer cocktail. But what’s even better than that is sitting in the sun with a frozen cocktail! Frozen cocktails are the perfect refreshment for those hot summer days, read below to find out how to make your own:

    What you’ll need: 

    1. Crushed Ice

    2. Blender

    3. Fresh Fruit

    4. Sugar

    5. Alcohol

    *Depending on what cocktail you would like will depend on what fruit and alcohol you will need. Have a look at your favourite recipes online before heading to the shops.

    Here’s how to make one:

    1. Add your crushed ice in to the blender. Using crushed ice will be easier on the blender than normal ice cubes, it also means you can make more drinks in less time – result!
    2. Use fresh fruit instead of juices to give your cocktail a stronger fruity flavour. Cut your fruit up into small pieces ready to chuck into the blender. If you want to give your drink that extra freeze you can also use frozen fruit.
    3. Mix your sugar with hot water and let it cool to a lukewarm temperature before adding it to the blender (it’s important to let it cool so that the hot water doesn’t break the glass when it’s poured in!)
    4. Add your chosen alcohol into the blender
    5. Here’s the fun part – now it’s time to blend! Start on a slow speed and then start to increase, continue this until you no longer hear the ice churning.
    6. Things don’t always go right when you try them for the first time, so test your mixture before serving. If you’re mixture appears to thin, try adding more ice and blend. If it appears too thick, try adding more fruit or liquid and blending again.

    TOP TIP:  Freeze or chill your glassware before pouring in your mixture –  pouring a frozen drink into a warm glass will make it melt quicker.


    Follow this link for how to make my personal favourite – the Frozen Strawberry Daiquiri. For this you’ll need 2 ounces of light rum, 1/2 ounce of triple sec, 1 ounce of lime juice, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, 1/2 cup of sliced strawberry’s and of course crushed ice – what are you waiting for?!


    What’s your favourite frozen cocktail? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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    I love frozen cocktails! What's your favourite?