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    Our interview with Nathan Watson

    If you’ve seen our new TV advert you may also of found yourself having a certain tune stuck in your head. All together now…’Lovely daaaayyy.’

    We even had the chance to meet the lovely man behind the song, behind the advert (phew!) His name is Nathan Watson and he couldn’t have been nicer!

    He was spotted playing at a food festival in London and we snapped him up! We then found out he’d actually been to many of our Haven parks touring with Heatwave and fronting the band. Some would say it was meant to be, yes?

    As well as covering Bill Withers ‘Lovely Day’, Nathan has his own beautiful songs and is releasing an album this summer.

    ‘Everything’s finished but the vocals over the top. I’m just going to lock myself in the studio for week until it’s finished. I’m my own worst critic but I’m really proud of this album.’

    So here it is, the first out of three, short but sweet interviews with the man himself…


    If you’d like to hear more of Nathan Watson and his music click here (our personal favourite is I’ll be waiting!)