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    Introducing the new Owner Services website

    This year sees the introduction of the new Owner Services website, which will make the experience of being an owner a breeze! With a whole array of exciting benefits and tools you can use the new website, being able to check out the latest posts on the owners’ noticeboard and upload your own pictures and video is just the start, let’s have a look at what else you can do…

    So, what are the benefits of this new website? We are really excited to tell you all:

    • Book Sports and Leisure activities using your Privilege Card discount.
    • Manage your own personal events calendar; Along with any events you’ve booked through the website, you can also add your very own events.
    • View your owner account, and pay any outstanding balances.
    • You’ll also be able to view your most recent statements and have the option to receive your statements by email too.
    • Set your own contact preferences. So we know exactly how you’d like to receive information about your ownership; whether you’d prefer post, emails, SMS or phone calls
    • Receive automatic email notifications to alert you to any changes to your owner account, events and repairs and services within the past 24 hours.
    • Request an update to your contact details, including your name and address, telephone numbers and email address.
    • Post messages, notices and images to your fellow owners with the online noticeboard.
    • Request repairs and services to your holiday home and track their progress.
    • View team and park information so you know who to contact and what facilities are available. You can also view the menus, read our monthly newsletter and find out what local discounts you can take advantage of.
    • Manage your holiday home lettings and view your income.

    Here’s what the new website looks like:

    image 1 “New owner services website homepage”, image 2 “Owner services website notice board”,
    Image 3 “owner services website images and videos”, Image 4 “owner services website events calendar”


    If you’re new to the Owner Services website, it’s really easy to get started. All you need is your activation code, which you can get by contacting your park team and then click here.

    If you’re already a user on our website then your login details will automatically work on the new website, allowing you to enjoy these great new features straight away.

    Please note: Some features will be available at a later date.

    What features do you like most? Are you excited to get involved with the owners events this year? Are you looking to become an owner with us? Find out what our current owners think about ownership here. Let us know in the comments below!