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    Introducing our new Youtube series….Challenge Haven!

    We have lots of amazing activities at our Haven parks and we want to shout about them in a different way…and that’s where Challenge Haven comes in…Now we could just write of list of the all the things you could get up too but we thought that’s not very Haven! We like to do things a little differently so we thought why not showcase these activities in a challenging way.

    We asked Helen and Johnny to get their best sporting entire on and head on up to Hafan Y Mor to meet Lyndsey (the wonderful Sports and Leisure manager) who has set a series of challenges around the park.

    And  before we knew it they’d flipped on coin on who was going to wear yellow or blue, packed the car and headed through the welsh mountains channeling their inner Olympian.

    The first challenge was Water Walkerz. They head to get from one side of the pool to the other 3 times. Sounds easy right? You can watch the video below and see how they got on!

    Stay tuned for the next Challenge Haven and if you have any ideas lets us know in the comments below!