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    Is it time you became a holiday home owner?

    Imagine mornings spent eating breakfast on the deck, followed by a short walk down to your local beach. Lazy lunches eaten at your leisure with friends, then a dip in the pool before a meal out with the family in the evening.Imagine being able to do this every single week, if you wanted.It sounds pretty idyllic, doesn’t it?

    Ribbet collage

    If we told you this story could be your story, what would you do?

    It’s all very well and good reading about the joys of being a holiday home owner. Relaxed surroundings, coastal views, new friendships, freedom to come and go as you choose; you get it. But if you’re the kind of person who thinks seeing is believing, then it’s time to get excited.

    Haven is inviting you to our parks to experience life as an owner for a day. Between Saturday 11th and Sunday 26th April, you’ll discover exactly what a new chapter in your life could be like at your choice of one of our 35 parks dotted across the country.

    You’ll get to experience our unique owners-only benefits, such as access to our exclusive owner facilities and activities (including pools, gym facilities and lounges)and 15% discount in our bars, restaurants and shops. You’ll be experiencing the freedom that only comes from being an owner. Your day will be spent as if you’ve already got your very own seaside retreat to escape to, and our current owners will be on-hand to give you the low-down on life at our parks.

    You might be seeking a relaxing place to escape, a home that lets you wake up to the sound of the waves, or simply an opportunity to build more precious memories between yourself, family and friends. Whatever you want to get from your experience, Haven wants to help make it a reality.

    With secluded, landscaped parks dotted across Britain’s finest coastal spots, you’re truly spoilt for choice. Each of our locations is chosen for its unique feel, beautiful, peaceful surroundings and proximity to local amenities.

    Perran Sands

    Whether owning a home-away-from home has been a long-term dream, or something you’ve only started considering recently, our Be an Owner experiences will help make that next step in your journey easier. Join us, and start writing your next chapter.

    To book your visit call us on 0800 051 7408 or visit Haven Ownership.