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    Just Devon-ly!

    We’ve said it before we have some fantastic Owners at our parks but we haven’t mentioned about the amazing family members that come along too!
    For example Jack. Jack’s Nan and Grandad own a caravan at our Devon Cliffs park in Exmouth and he’ll happily tell you that it’s his favourite place in the world!

    Jack is so fantastic that he regularly writes for us on our Haven Holiday Blog and when he heard that we were to launch our UK Holiday Home Sales blog he jumped at the chance to write us another! He loves all the perks he receives with his Nan and Grandad being Owners and he couldn’t wait to share them with you…

    Hello I’m jack and I’ve been coming to Haven for years – I love it! It really is the best places on earth and I want to tell you why I’m Haven’s number one fan!

    The Parks

    Now this a big decision because there are so many to choose from, 35 to be precise! Every Haven site is lovely because they are all individual and match the landscape that they are surrounded by and most Haven sites have the same entertainment so you wouldn’t be missing out on anything depending on which park you choose . I love the new entertainment because you have the Seaside Squad which in my eyes Haven wouldn’t be the same without! Not forgetting the best new show for 2014 ‘Girls on Film’!

    Partying with the Seaside Squad!

    Partying with the Seaside Squad!

    Owners Pass

    Being an owners you get a owners pass, which is a gem! As well as getting you in to the facilities on park, you also get  15% off everything!This is very good news for me as it means I have more money left over to spend on Seaside Squad Merchandise.

    Special Events

    When you own a caravan you get events which are Owners Only .  For example there is the ‘Welcome Back Party’, ‘Summer Ball Party’ and the ‘End of Season Party’ and that’s not even all of them! In between all of them there are other fun owners party’s and special day events.

    The beautiful Sandy Bay at Devon Cliffs that Haven actually own!

    The beautiful Sandy Bay at Devon Cliffs that Haven actually own!

    The Holiday Never has to end!

    Owning a caravan means that the holiday feeling never has to end as you can go down to park as much as you like! Most of Haven sites like Devon Cliffs are open from March to November and in-between them you can go and stay in your van as much as you like!

    Other Perks

    Having an Owners pass that stays with you.
    When you get home if you have a Haven site near to where you live like me (I have Burnham On Sea Haven just up the road and Doniford Bay is only a few miles away which are both lovely parks too) you and spend the day on them like I do. When Burnham’s pool got refurbished at the beginning of this season me and my Auntie were very excited and went to try it out as quickly as we could!

    Jack and he his little sister, Aimee, really make the most of what Haven has to offer!

    Jack and he his little sister, Aimee, really make the most of what Haven has to offer!

    I hope you have enjoyed this blog  and it has given you some food for thought. I can honestly say…I can’t wait till I can have my own caravan  and  do all of this whenever I want too!