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    Lakeland’s all new state-of-the-art entertainment venue

    If you haven’t yet heard the news, then you’re in for a treat! Now that Christmas and New Year are out the way, we have some major events in our calendar for Spring, one of these being the introduction of our all-new, state-of-the-art entertainment venue at our Lakeland Holiday Park in the Lake District.

    We will be giving our much loved Live-Lounge a brand-new makeover to provide the perfect family space for both daytime and night-time activities. It will be bigger, brighter and most importantly, better than ever before.

    So, what’s in store?

    We’ve been hard at work since mid-October (14th to be exact) transforming the venue and we’re pleased to say, we’re making great progress.

    Not only will the almighty extension increase the venue’s capacity by almost 100 seats, it will also allow more room for family fun activities and the very best entertainment.Don’t worry, regulars to the park will still find it as its location remains the same and will still sit behind our swimming pool and crazy golf facilities– it will just take up a lot more space than ever before! When complete, the jaw dropping venue will be made up of two main areas; the Marina Bar and Stage.

    The Marina Bar

    Ideal for good drinks with good company, the newly refurbished bar will host everything from sports to special events – both night and day. No two days will be the same and we’re confident you will love the ever-changing atmosphere. Sometimes cosy and intimate, sometimes loud and buzzing, there is something for all family members to enjoy.

    To top it off, there will be a brand-new outdoor terrace area for days when the sun is shining, or simply if you’re in need of a breath of fresh air. Open to all the family – even your furry friends – catch up with a drink and watch fellow guests take on our daring Aerial Adventure, or somewhat calmer, Nature Rockz activities from the comfort of the decking.

    The Marina Stage

    Whether it’s taking the little ones to try out their best party dances, or kicking back to live music, the events arena is where the party’s at. With state-of-the-art giant screens, you can ensure you always have the best seats in the house and take full advantage of the entertainment on offer.

    There’s plenty of new shows to come (watch this space for some truly spectacular entertainment) and our super talented cast will be on hand to ensure you are never left disappointed. From professional dancers and singers, to quizzes and music productions, our 2020 schedule will be better than ever before, and we can’t wait for you to see it.

    For those feeling peckish, the new venue will also include a high-quality pizza kitchen serving up the very best Papa John’s® pizza, cooked to cheesy perfection. Use it as a fuel for energy in between party dances or take it home for a quiet night in with the family, the choice is entirely up to you. If pizza’s not your thing, there will be a new Cook’s Fish and Chips container, located on the newly pedestrianized space.

    What new pedestrianized space? Well, it’s not just the entertainment venue that has got itself a makeover.

    We are also currently digging up the ground around reception to create a safer, carefree environment for you and your family on arrival. Cars will no longer be welcome past check-in, making way for a brand-new street, including pop ups and family seating. Once you’re all checked in, you can get straight on with enjoying your holiday. Take in all the sights of the park, from watching families tackle the crazy golf to sporting tournaments on the green and so much more.

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