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    Let’s celebrate our 100th post!

    This blog post will mark our 100th! I thought in order to celebrate, I would choose 10 images that celebrate the last 100 posts and showcase everything that owning a holiday home on the Great British coast can bring to your life!

    10 snapshots from our 2014 Holiday Home Owner Events

    We love celebrating our owners events and parties! This photo is one of our highlights from 2014 and showed that the team go to great lengths to ensure you have the best time when on park!

    Hopton summer pool party 2

    Hopton Holiday Village Summer Party

    Discover the best beaches in the UK this year!

    This amazing picture taken at Perran Sands in Cornwall showcases our beautiful surroundings, you could have these views on your doorstep!

    Perran Sands


    The Future of Caravans: ABI Concept

    We love looking forward to the future, to make sure that we are on the forefront of caravan design, making ownership as perfect as possible for you.

    resized home cinema (2)

    ABI Concept Caravan

    5 essential holiday home gadgets for 2015

    You can’t beat a good gadget, especially one that helps you save space and time so you can get out and enjoy all the facilities on park! Do you have any secret time saving tricks that you would like to share with us?



    Success for Haven at Visit Devon Tourism Awards 2014

    We have an array of awards that our parks have won and that stretch across a whole selection of different categories. This means that you can not only enjoy some of the best facilities, locations and beaches in the UK but also feel safe and secure when on park!


    Devon Cliffs at the Visit Devon Tourism Awards 2014

    Dreaming of a place in the sun this 2015?

    Owning a holiday home that provides an escape for you and your family is really important to us so we make sure our parks are always looking at their best for when you arrive! This year we re-invested over £50 million to make sure that you have the best ownership experience.


    Hopton Holiday Village

    Perran Sands introduce Dune Detectives app

    We work with local Wildlife Trusts to make sure that your beautiful nature surroundings stay that way. Over at Perran Sands in Cornwall we have released an app that allows you to fully explore the sand dunes and discover more of your local area.


    Dune Detective


    Six inspirational ideas to help refresh your garden

    We know that our owners love gardening which is why we made a blog to help inspire you with simple and easy up-cycles that you could have in your garden!

    ladder plants



    Got Game of Thrones fever? Here are some of the best castles in the UK!

    Showcasing the local area is always right at the top of our list, there are some really fascinating and exciting places for the whole family to visit around our parks. We even managed to get Game of Thrones involved!




    Have you seen Haven Ownership on TV recently?

    Last but not least ownership is all about having fun with family and friends. Owning a holiday home with Haven gives you the ability to discover a whole range of activities and allows you the chance to explore the delightful Great British coast.



    What is your favourite memory from a Haven park? Are you looking to become an owner this year?