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    Why I like Devon Cliffs by River aged 5

    Just before our parks shut for the winter River(aged 5) took her parents to Devon Cliffs and she couldn’t wait to let us all know why it’s her ‘favourite place in the whole wide world.’

    Why I love Devon Cliffs by River (aged 5)

    Last year mum and dad took me to Devon Cliffs, its my favourite place in the whole wide world. I met Brian O’Brien and he taught me loads of exciting things about nature.

    On our way we went to some caves they were really dark and first I found them scary but then I realised they were magical, I think fairies might  live in them because there are some sparkly bits  on the wall.

    Getting back to nature!

    Getting back to nature!

    When we came out I met a pirate, his name was Jack like my friend at school. But he  wasn’t a scary pirate, he was a nice one.

    Then we went to Devon Cliffs, its in a place called Sandy bay, I know this because its got a big sign when you go in that looks like a rainbow! Our caravan was on top of a hill and I could see the sea from the big window.

    River with her new friend Brian O'Brien

    River with her new friend Brian O’Brien

    It was raining when we got there so I got to jump in puddles but mum was a bit cross because I got my shoes mucky and she forgot my welly boots!

    We went fishing on a beach, dad didn’t catch anything because the sea was too red and the fish couldn’t see dads line, oh and mum fell in the sea!

    We went to the arcade and there was a machine there and you put pennies and then it gave them back to you… whats the point? I did like smashing the spiders though because then it gives you tickets and if you take them to the man in the window he will swap them for some sweets!


    Best of all I went to see Brian again,  his office is a tent in the wood and all around there are lots of natures treasures. We didn’t see his badger family as they were out but we did see foot prints and now  I know where they live I can visit them next time I come.


    Why we love Devon Cliffs by Isabel (fully grown) 

    After our previous visit back in September last year we decided that we must come back to Devon Cliffs to see a bit more of what the park and the surrounding areas have to offer.

    This time we were spending 4 days so would have a bit more time too!  We started our visit to the area with a stop at Wooky Hole which was wonderful, we were able to book our tickets online and saved some money by doing this which is always a bonus. I have never been and Stu hasn’t visited since he was a child. River was a bit apprehensive at first as the caves are dark and they started the tour with the story of the witch of Wookey Hole!
    Luckily after a few minutes River announced that she wasn’t scared anymore and actually it’s really pretty and magical. She found it really interesting and it’s stunning…Unfortunately the pictures aren’t that great as you’re not allowed to use flash due to the bats that live down there!
    There are lots of activities and other things to see including a bit of a pirate theme and a ‘Jack Sparrow’ character who walks around chatting to the kids and generally being amusing…River thought he was great!  A full day is easily spent there, a great value day out.

    A bit of a treat on holiday!

    A bit of a treat on holiday!

    Once we arrived at the park we were checked in very quickly by friendly and attentive reception staff. Our caravan was up on Kestrel Way which is near the top of the site with beautiful views across the bay. The caravan itself was of a high standard and was one of the newer models that has the one touch heating etc which was really handy for when the weather got a bit chilly.

    Exmouth is just 10 minutes drive from the park and has a selection of ‘seaside’ shops and an indoor market. Stuart went to Exmouth fishing tackle again to get the latest on the fishing situation in the area. As before the guy in the shop was really helpful and forthcoming with local knowledge and Stu was given a leaflet of local fishing marks. After bait and ice cream was bought we did a bit of shopping and went for a walk down the harbour.

    Unfortunately the weather was not really on our side and that put a bit of a spanner in the works for some of the activities we had planned.  We did manage a trip to Budleigh and Salterton to have a go at some fishing. Unfortunately because the weather had blown up a bit the water was very red due to the damage to the cliffs during the winter storms which meant the fish were hiding so no fish supper 🙁 I also managed to lose my footing while down by the waters edge and took an impromptu dip!

    Building sandcastles on the beautiful Sandy bay!

    Building sandcastles on the beautiful Sandy bay!

    During the evenings we spent time at the mash and barrel which has a nice laid back atmosphere that is great for nights out with the younger children. We also went to the arcade and river enjoyed the spider smashing game and the bowling and at the end of the week she cashed in all her tickets for a big pot of sweets which she was very pleased with! We also went to the South Beach cafe where we all had a wonderful meal, river enjoyed her spaghetti and her brownie (brownies are the best!!)

    We booked in to do the woodland walk with Brian which is one of the new ‘Nature Rockz’ activities that are available and he did not disappoint (knew he wouldn’t!) he was informative fun and passionate about the local wildlife and the area and River thoroughly enjoyed collecting a bag full of woodland treasures and learnt all about the local family of badgers and also the resident owl.

    River really enjoyed our trips to the pool and also had a go at the turbo paddlers which she thoroughly enjoyed. The characters were a massive hit this time and River got to meet them a couple of times during our break, she drew a lovely picture for anxious which she loved!

    I think Devon Cliffs might have tired River out!

    I think Devon Cliffs might have tired River out!

    We had a great time at Devon Cliffs and look forward to our next Haven adventure.

    Have you ever visited our Devon Cliffs park? Or is another Haven park your favourite? Let us know in the comments below!