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    How to live like a local: Cumbria

    Considered one of the most beautiful regions within the UK, Cumbria best exhibits picturesque views and sights of the rural England. It has lots of places to visit, as well as lots of yummy local delicacies to try! With our Lakeland park situated within the pretty landscape, we have put together a guide to help you fit in with all the locals, as well as showing off the best of what Cumbria has to offer.

    Traditional Food in Cumbria 

    Trying some of Cumbria’s tasty traditional dishes is a must, when you visit the county!

    1. Cumberland Sausage

    Traditionally very long and rolled into a spiral, this well known sausage originated in Cumberland, which is now a part of Cumbria. It is made using only natural ingredients and the best cuts of pork. To have a go at making your own Cumberland sausage, click here!

    2. Grasmere Gingerbread

    Unlike no other gingerbread you may have already tried, Grasmere gingerbread has an intense ginger flavour, with the texture of a shortbread biscuit and a sprinkling of sugary gingery crumbs on top. It has been made in the small Lakeland village of Grasmere for over 160 years and the biscuit is only available from one shop, or by mail order.

    3. Damsons

    Famous around the world for Damson Gin, Cumbria’s valleys are the perfect place to grow damsons. Shaped like a plum and with an astringent taste, damsons are usually made into jams and preserves. Click here to find out how you could make your very own damson jam!

    Famous Sayings in Cumbria

    Here are just a few local phrases that you can use, when visiting Cumbria!

    Fizzog – Face

    Deekabout – To look around

    Ganzee – Jacket

    Jewkle – Dog

    Lowie – Money

    Famous Sights in Cumbria

    Being the third largest county in England by area, Cumbria is predominantly rural. With the scenic views of the Lake District and the Lake District National Park, it is easy to understand why Cumbria is considered one of England’s most outstanding places of natural beauty.

    Lowther Castle

    Having been abandoned for nearly 70 years, the castle and gardens at Lowther were rejuvenated in 2011 and open to the public for the first time since 1938. Following trails through the gardens and sipping a cup of tea in the cafe, Lowther Castle is a great day out for all the family.

    Safari Zoo

    Recognised as one of Europe’s leading conservation zoos, Safari Zoo in the Lake District is home to some of the rarest animals on earth. Walk around the park amongst the animals and feed the giraffes, penguins and kangaroos and if you are brave enough, get up close to the rhinos and tigers!

    Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway

    Known to locals as “La’al Ratty”, the Ravenglass & Eskdale Railway travels through the beautiful countryside. Spanning 7 miles from the coast at Ravenglass to the bottom of England’s highest mountains in Eskdale, you will be blown away by the views from your train carriage!


    To see what we got up to when we went to Cumbria, watch the video below!


    Have you tried any of these local delicacies or visited any of these famous sights? Or do you have any more words and phrases that you think should be included? Let us know in the comment section below! 

    If you’re looking to find out more about our holiday park in Cumbria click here