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    How to live like a local: Dorset

    Dorset is a stunning county in the South West of the country and is the perfect seaside destination. With miles of unspoilt coastline and acres of countryside to explore, you will never be stuck for something to do! We are lucky to have four Dorset holiday parks on the coast: Rockley Park, Seaview, Weymouth Bay and Littlesea so we have come up with a guide to help you fit in with the locals when you go to visit Dorset.

    Traditional Dorset Food

    Many of the dishes in Dorset have been traditionally sourced from the county itself, and some even date back to the 17th and 18th centuries! Here’s a few dishes you might like to try when you’re in the area:

    1. Dorset Knobs 

    Dorset Knobs are a hard, dry, savoury biscuit which are typically eaten with cheese. Dorset knobs are made by just a single producer for a limited time of the year (between January and February) and there is a festival dedicated just to Dorset knobs held on the first weekend of May every year!

    2. Portland Lamb

    Portland sheep produce fine textured, high-quality meat with a delicious flavour. Portland sheep takes its name from the Isle of Portland in Dorset; the breed was once the rarest of breeds in Britain and is know to still be at risk.

    3. Dorset Blue Vinny

    Dorset Blue Vinny is a traditional crumbly cheese that once became extinct for a short period before resurging in the 1980s when a farm in Dorset revived the old recipe.

    4. Portland Pudding 

    The Portland pudding is a rich pudding made with dried fruit and candied peel. A fun fact about the Portland Pudding is that it was a favourite of King George III, he ordered it several times when visiting the ‘Portland Arms’ on the Isle of Portland when staying at the nearby Weymouth.

    5. Dorset Apple Cake

    Dorset is so well known for its apple cake, there’s not a tea room in the county that wont have it on their menu! Best served with clotted cream, this delicious sweet cake is made with a mixture of spices including cinnamon, definitely worth a try if you’re in the area!

    Famous Dorset Sayings

    The dialect between different towns and counties in the UK can differ hugely up and down the country so we’ve created a list below of a few things you might hear when you’re out and about in Dorset.

    avroze – frozen

    ax – to ask

    crips – crisps

    rale – to walk

    beens – because

    emmets – ants

    biddle   – beetle

    leery – hungry

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    Famous Sights of Dorset 

    Dorset is a place of breathtaking views, beach walks and relaxation. With so much to do it can be hard to fit it all in! Read below to find out the top sights you must see when you’re in the area.

    Jurassic Coast & Durdle Door 

    Discover 95 miles of stunning coastline and 185 million years of history when you visit the Jurassic Coast World Heritage Site. Using rocks and fossils, landslides, cliffs and beaches, the Jurassic coast tells us a story about Earth’s ancient past and allows us to learn about the natural processes that formed the coastline.

    When enjoying the Jurassic coastline in Dorset make sure you take a trip to see Durdle Door near Lulworth Cove. Durdle Door is a world renowned geological wonder and a definite must-see when you’re in the area! The enormous rock arch is a breathtaking site and the sloping beach makes the area perfect for snorkeling or bathing.


    The Tank Museum 

    The Tank Museum is also a top attraction to see in Dorset. The museum tells the story of armoured warfare dating all the way back to World War One up until today. The Tank Museum is home to the world’s best collection of tanks, you will get to learn about the tank story, walk in the footsteps of World War One Soldier’s in the Trench Experience and get close up to vehicles up to 100 years old in the Conservation Centre!


    Check out our 48 hour guide to Dorset to see what you could get up to when you visit the area!

    Have you tried any of these local delicacies or visited these famous sights? Or do you have any more sayings that you think should be included? Let us know in the comment section below!

    Visit our Dorset park page if you’re looking to find out more about our holiday parks in Dorset

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