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How To Live Like A Local: Devon

Enjoy stunning views of the red cliffs and the breathtaking South West coast when you take a trip to visit Devon. This part of the country is truly beautiful, and we are lucky enough to have one magnificent park in the area of Devon Cliffs, so we’ve created this guide to help you make the most of your time when you visit the area.

Traditional Food in Devon

Get yourself accustomed to these traditional dishes when you’re in the area:

Cream Tea

Now you can’t take a trip to Devon and not try their famous Devonshire Cream Tea! A cream tea includes freshly baked Devon scones, fruity jam and clotted cream, all to be washed down with a nice pot of tea.

Devon Flat Biscuits  

Traditionally served with tea, Devon flat biscuits are delicious! They can be served plain or can be paired with some tasty jam or clotted cream. Devon flat biscuits are really easy to make and can be dressed up by using different shaped cutters, or you can show off your creative side and use icing to make your own designs!

Click here for the recipe.

Exeter Pudding

Be sure to try the traditional sponge and raisin Exeter pudding when you’re in the area. This unusual sponge pudding is inter-layered with custard and apricot or blackcurrant jam, served on top of a biscuit!

Famous Sayings in Devon

We’ve put together a handy list of traditional Devonshire sayings, read the list below so you don’t get lost for words when you visit!

Apple drain = a wasp

Drumbeldrone = bumble bee

Emtin cloam = drinking

God’s cow = ladybird

Gurt noodle = acting silly

Jibber = horse that won’t go

Phizog = a person’s face

Snishums = sneezing

Zummit = something


We have one amazing park in Devon, to find out more about what you could get up to


Famous Sights in Devon

When you’ve finished sunning yourself on the beach, enjoying the fresh sea air and gazing upon incredible views, why not take a look around some of the most famous sights and fun family days out that Devon has to offer:

Coleton Fishacre 

Enjoy 24 acres of beautiful gardens and a stunning country house, whilst trying on clothes from the 1920’s and have a boogie in the Jazz Age house at Fishacre. With a wild play area and spotter trail, there is fun for all the family, no matter the weather!


Click here to find out more.

Plymouth Hoe

Encompassing famous landmarks such as Smeaton’s Tower, Tinside Pool, Sir Francis Drake’s statue and a long promenade, Plymouth Hoe is a great family day out. Situated upon the well known limestone cliffs, the unusual 1930’s outdoor lido has picturesque views out across the sea.


For more information click here.

Pennywell Farm

Are you an animal lover? Well if you are, Pennywell farm is a great family day out! From piggy cuddles and goat milking, to pond dipping and pets teatime, there is plenty to do and explore at the farm.


Click here to find out more.

We took a trip to beautiful Devon, to find out loads about the local area. Watch our 48 hour guide to see what amazing places we stumbled upon, on our visit to Devon.

Have you had a taste of any local Devon delicacies or visited some of these famous landmarks? Or do you know any more traditional sayings that you think we should include? Let us know in the comments section below!

If you are looking to find out more about our park in Devon, click here!