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    How to make autumn leaf crafts

    As the year changes from summer to autumn, the darker and colder days mean the kids can no longer play out in the sun for hours making more difficult to  keep them entertained!

    Luckily, in autumn you are reminded of how beautiful nature can be as the trees begin to shed their old leaves and the ground is filled with beautiful oranges, yellows and reds – why not make the most of this and try out these great autumn leaf craft ideas?

    Leaf Lanterns


    Fresh Leaves

    Make sure you pick fresh, dry and unharmed leaves to get the best effect, for this craft small leaves work the best as you can fit more on.

    Greaseproof paper

    Greaseproof paper lets the light through perfectly and is thick enough so gives a good structure.

    Where to buy: Greaseproof Paper

    Circular cheese box (or card)

    Boxes such as camembert as a base give the lantern great structure; however, you can also make your own base with card, but remember to make two as you need one for the lid as well.

    Where to buy: Camembert 

    Fake tea light

    Make sure you use a fake tea light otherwise the lantern could go up in flames!

    Where to buy: Fake tea light

    Craft Glue

    Where to buy: Craft Glue


    Where to buy: Scissors

    How to:

    Step 1:

    Cut two pieces of grease proof paper a centimetre bigger than the perimeter of your base and put one sheet to the side, you will need this later.


    Step 2:

    Spread blobs of glue all over one of the greaseproof paper sheets and ad the leaves all over. Try to make sure the leaves do not overlap as otherwise the light may not shine through as well.

    glue lantern

    Step 3:

    Press the second sheet on top of the first with the corners matching up exactly. Place a heavy object e.g. a stack of books and leave for around half an hour to give it a smooth finish.


    Step 4:

    Take your base and glue the greaseproof paper to the outside edge, pop in the candle and then place the lid on (without gluing) this means you can access the tea light easily.

    Leaf lanten

    Leaf Mason Jar 


    Fresh Leaves

    Make sure you pick fresh, dry and unharmed leaves to get the best effect; a range of colours makes this jar look great.

    Mason jar

    Any size mason jar looks good when making these lamps, why not get a variety and create some different ones!

    Where to buy: Mason Jar

    Craft glue

    Where to buy: Craft Glue


    A Sponge makes applying the glue much easier as it means you do not damage the leaf. You can also use your fingers.

    Where to buy: Sponge

    Hessian string

    Makes the jar look great by giving it an autumn harvest feeling!

    Where to buy: Hessian String

    Surgical Spirit

    Used to clean the jar before to ensure the leaves stay on.

    Where to buy: Surgical Spirit 

    How to make:

    Step 1:

    Wipe the jar with surgical spirit beforehand to ensure oil or grease is completely removed, otherwise the leaves may not stick.

    what u need jar

    Step 2:

    Slightly dampen the leaves to ensure they bend to the jars shape well, apply the glue gently and wait for it to dry slightly so the glue is tacky. Begin sticking to the outside of the jar ensuring you cover the jar completely, the more leaves the better! Press the leaves once they are stuck to ensure they do not move. Use your fingers to smooth out the leaves.


    Step 3:

    Tie the string around the top of the jar and add a tea light candle to complete the look!

    mason ajr

    *Tip: Do not worry too much if the leaves come away at the edges this jar is meant to have a rustic and outdoorsy feel – nature isn’t perfect so neither is your jar!

    Leaf Crown 


    Fresh leaves

    Make sure you pick fresh, dry and unharmed leaves to get the best effect; a range of colours makes this crown look amazing!

    Brown card

    Using brown keeps the outdoor theme this crown needs.

    Where to buy: Brown Card

    Double sided sticky tape

    Where to buy: Double Sided Sticky Tape


    Where to buy: Scissors


    Where to buy: Stapler

    How to make:

    Step 1:

    Cut your brown card a centimetre bigger than the circumference of your child’s head.

    CROPWN 1

    Step 2:

    Put a layer of double sided sticky tape on the top edge of your card and begin adding leaves any way you like!

    LEAVES 1

    Step 3:

    Staple the crown to fit and ta-dah! A perfect crown straight from nature’s resources!


    Have you tried any of these Autumn leaf crafts? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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