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How to make a Gardener’s Bloody Mary with David Domoney

Haven has partnered with ITV celebrity gardener David Domoney as he becomes Haven’s Gardening Ambassador. David will be here to showcases all manner of gardening hints and tips for the whole family alongside explaining how to make your holiday home look it’s best with all manner of floral and fauna.

The Gardener’s Bloody Mary is the perfect after a long day in the garden or for those sunny days where all you want to do is relax and take in the glorious outdoors. In the video below David Domoney shares one of his favourite drinks with simple and easy steps to make this delicious drink.

What you need to make your own Gardener’s Bloody Mary:

Tomato juice

Where better to start than with delicious tomato juice which forms the base of this summertime drink.

Tomato juice

Vodka – 1 or 2 shots

The perfect addition to the Gardener’s Bloody Mary is a little touch of vodka – add one of two shots to this tasty cocktail.


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Tabasco – Season to your taste

For that little bit of spice which makes a Bloody Mary so moreish add a touch of tabasco.


Worcester sauce – Season to your taste

The Gardener’s Bloody Mary wouldn’t be completely without a touch of Worcester sauce, just like with the tabasco season to your taste.

Worcester sauce

Lemon – 1 lemon (use half for juice/ half for garnish)

A touch of lemon goes a long way to creating the perfect cocktail add half at the beginning of your cocktails making and save half for making an appetising garnish at the end.


Basil Plant – Pick a few leaves

The perfect plant to add a unique flavour to your summer drink – the humble Basil plant is easily grown on your window sill and provides huge amounts of flavour, which is just what this drink needs.


Olives – 3 per cocktail garnish

Try your best not to eat too many whilst creating your cocktail garnish!


Cheddar Cheese – A few cubes for your garnish

What could be better than having some cheese with your delicious tomato based cocktail, add a few cubes of cheese to your garnish for that extra burst of flavour.

Cheddar cheese

Cocktail sticks – 1 per drink

The handiest tool when building a cocktail garnish is the classic cocktail stick – use it build something that will impress everyone having a sip of your Gardener’s Bloody Mary.

Cocktail stick

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*please drink responsibly 

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