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    How To Make Your Own Guy Fawkes

    Bonfire Night is soon approaching so get the family together and have some fun! Making your own Guy Fawkes is a fun activity for all the family and the kids will love getting creative!

    Here’s how to do it:

    What you will need:

    Old Clothes ( Shirt, Trousers, Scarf, Hat)


    *Why not look up what someone in Guy Fawkes’ era would wear? 



    Where to buy: Straw


    guy fawkes

    Where to buy: Balloon 

    Paper Mache (PVA Glue, Newspaper, Water)

    glue and paper

    Where to buy: PVA Glue 



    Where to buy: Paint



    Where to buy: String

    Wooden sticks


    Where to buy: Wooden Sticks

    How to make:

    Step 1 –

    Make a Paper Mache Paste: 3/4 Glue & 1/4 Water. Blow up a balloon to the size that you want your Guy Fawkes head to be and begin covering with paper mache leaving each layer to dry properly before adding another. You will need around 3 layers.

    Step 2 –

    Lay the shirt and trousers out and tie string around the bottom of the arms and legs. Stuff the clothes full with bits of newspaper, old clothes or cloths so that they begin to take the shape of a body.

    Step 3 –

    To get the torso and legs to attach you tuck in the shirt to the trousers and fasten with a belt. For a more secure fasten, you can also sew the two bits together.

    Step 4 –

    When your paper mache is dry, stick a a pin through it to pop the balloon. Begin decorating your Guy Fawkes face any way you want – there is a Guy Fawkes mask you can copy if you like.

    Step 5 –

    To attach to the body, fill with hay and place it on four wooden sticks.  Push the sticks down the centre of the body until the bottom of the head meets the collar of the shirt.

    Step 6 –

    Add the remaining items of clothing and… voila! Your very own Guy Fawkes, perfect for throwing on your 5th November bonfire.

    guy fawkes 1


    Are you making your own Guy Fawkes this year? Let us know in the comment section below! 

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