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    Marine Wildlife in the UK

    Everybody’s favourite forgetful fish is back and this time she’s the main character as Finding Dory hits UK cinemas today.

    And while you can’t find yourself a Dory or Nemo in the sea around the country, there is plenty of marine wildlife you may be able to recognise from the film.

    Hank – Octopus

    Hank Octopus

    Hank lives at the Marine Life Institute and becomes Dory’s companion, but out in the wild octopuses can be found in rocky areas of shallow water (under 50 metres deep) to the South and West of the British Isles.

    Bailey – Beluga


    Dory also meets Bailey the Beluga Whale who struggles with his sonar capabilities on her travels. These are extremely rare around the United Kingdom but a number have been spotted off shore over the past few years. And if you’re staying at Berwick or Haggerston Castle then it may be your lucky day after two rare arctic beluga whale were seen just off the beach in Northumberland last year.

    Fluke and Rudder – Sea Lions

    Fluke and Rudder Sea Lions

    These two are met on their rock by Merlin and Nemo and even have their own catchphrase! Seals and sea lions are very common around the UK, but if you want to be certain of seeing one Patagonian Sea Lions can be found at the Cornish Seal Sanctuary!

    The Otters – Otters (obviously)


    Otters are very common in Britain you just need to know where to look for them! Westhay Moor, run by the Somerset Wildlife Trust, is a great place to search, while the Teifi Marshes at The Welsh Wildlife Centre are also popular with otters.

    Crush and Squirt – Turtles


    Duuuuudeee! You’ll be delighted to see the lovable Crush and his child Squirt return for Dory’s adventure. Turtles can be best seen during the summer months off the south and west coasts of Britain, but have also been spotted off the coasts of Shetland and north east Scotland and Humberside in England.

    Mr Ray – Stingray


    And Dory’s favourite teacher Mr Ray is also back for the sequel! The only type of stingray found in UK waters is the common stingray which can be spotted down south, especially in the English Channel, but they can also been seen from the coast of Wales.

    Have you seen Finding Dory at the cinema yet? Or have you managed to spot any of these amazing animals? Let us know in the comment section below!