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    MCS Great British Beach Clean

    At Haven we love the seaside, and we want to work to protect our beaches so that they can be enjoyed for years to come. Haven have partnered with the Marine Conservation Society (MCS) to do just that.

    MCS are a UK charity that works to look after our seas, shores and wildlife to secure a future for our seas and protect the marine life within it! Over the past two decades the levels of litter on UK beaches has doubled! This not only makes it unpleasant for beach goers like ourselves, but most importantly is extremely dangerous to our sea life such as whales and dolphins.

    This is why MCS are holding their national beach clean event this weekend from 16-19th September in the attempt to help keep Britain’s beaches tidy. The Great British Beach Clean is the UK’s biggest beach clean and we want you to help us!


    Follow this link to see if there is a beach near you taking part and head on down to help! Areas all over Britain are getting involved but if there’s not one near you, then you can register and start your own!

    Our park Lydstep Beach in South Wales is taking part in this event with the MCS  (the weekend after on Saturday 24th at 3:30pm), so if you’re in the area we would love for you to head to the beach and give us a hand 🙂 After all, we want to keep Lydstep looking as stunning as it does in the photo below!


    Is there a beach clean event happening near you? Let us know what one you’re going to in the comment section below! 

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