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    Meet the Character : Anxious!

    As the summer’s been rolling by, we’ve been catching up with the Haven Seaside Squad on the blog
    Last week, we got to know the belle of the ball – Polly. This week, it’s time to meet Anxious.

    Anxious is the name of our very own elephant, who runs the beach ice cream shop and loves … well … she loves pretty much everything.

    She especially loves spending time with her friends and reading messages from her pen pals all over the UK.If you’d like to send her a message today, you can leave a comment beneath this post. Hopefully, we’ll be able to pull her away from serving ice cream for a minute, so she can reply to you herself.

    In the meantime, let’s have a closer look at what she gets up to on-park …

    Who’s Anxious?

    Have you ever heard somebody say this? – “Don’t think of a pink elephant.”
    And all you can think of is a pink elephant?!
    Well, Anxious is our pink elephant. You don’t have to think about her or imagine her – she’s real. And she’s one of the kindest characters you can ever meet.

    She loves pink things. She loves chocolate sundaes. She loves meeting new people. She loves playing on the beach. And she loves being host for some of our best activities for the kids.

    Like I mentioned before, Anxious loves anything and everything.

    And we reckon you’re going to love her too.

    We told you she loves icecream!

    We told you she loves icecream!

    Three amazing games to play with Anxious

    The next time you stay with us, grab one of the Funstars or Anxious herself, and ask when the following activities are running (if you have toddlers, you’re going to love number 3) …

    1.    Anxious Animal Alphabet

    This is a rapid-fire game. You need to think on your feet. And think fast – ‘cause the audience is watching.
    There are two teams. One child and one grownup per team.
    Anxious chooses one team at a time to play.
    The adult picks out a letter. The child must then think of an animal that begins with that letter.

    Sometimes, Anxious will let you make noises and perform a few hilarious actions to give the kids some clues.

    The best part about this game is that the kids are always standing near a microphone (the Funstars are sneaky when they set up the games like that). So, everything the kids say is loud enough for the audience to hear. And some of the comments are amazing.

    The kids really are the stars of the show here. And that suits Anxious – who loves nothing more than taking a back seat and having a good laugh with the audience.

    2.  Anxious’ Sundae Surprise

    I have always been a sucker for a gooey chocolate sundae – which is why Anxious and I got on so well last time I was on-park.

    But this game isn’t about eating ice creams. It’s about finding the recipes.

    Each member of the Seaside Squad has a favourite type of sundae.

    And as the queen of ice cream, it’s up to Anxious to make them all up from scratch.

    The only problem is that she always misplaces the recipes (an elephant never forgets … unless it’s a big pink elephant called Anxious). And she needs help to find them.

    Led by the Funstars, the kids get to explore the park using a map – finding the lost recipes all over the place and collecting them for poor Anxious … who’s understandably more anxious during this game (making ice cream for the entire Squad is a BIG deal – especially to somebody so passionate about sundaes).

    It’s a quick bit of fun for the explorers in the family. And the Funstars know how to keep it interesting.

    She loves a good cuddle!

    She loves a good cuddle!

    3.    Anxious’ Sensory Morning

    This is the big one. The main event for Anxious. And the one she spends the most time fussing about beforehand.
    It’s designed to give babies a bunch of happy memories – by stimulating their five senses.

    Here’s how it works …

    Anxious begins the session with ‘circle time’, when everybody sits around a parachute and Anxious welcomes the group with her Hello song.
    There are pom-poms and Frisbees placed around the parachute too.
    To warm up, the Funstars lead the session with some nursery rhymes and pom-pom dancing – everybody’s invited to join in.

    Even at this point,at the very beginning, you can see the kids responding to the rustle of the pom-poms and all the bright colours – it’s lovely.

    All the old faves come on the speakers;Heads shoulders knees and toes, Round and round the garden, Incey-wincey spider – the lot.

    Each song has the group doing something different – during the Peek-a-boo song, the Funstars and grownups hide their faces behind Frisbees before peeking out. It sounds a little silly when I write it down but this basic stuff lights up the faces of the toddlers and it’s really nice to see.

    After circle time, the session goes interactive and the sensory stations come into play …

    There are four station-types set up:

    Touch and feel station
    Pop some bubble wrap, swim through the ball pit, and play on the sensory mat. This is the best one for any babies who are in that ‘grabby’ stage.

    Visual station
    Chase the bubbles from the bubble gun, take a seat in the ChilloutDen and play with the glitter balls. If your little one is the kind to stare at something shiny for ages (why do they do that?), this is definitely the station to visit.

    Tactile play
    From bouncy balls to mini-fishing rods, this random and exciting station is designed to bring out the adventurer in any toddler.

    Messy play
    Just think about these things for a minute: sand, spaghetti, beans, flour, water, and foam. Now imagine your youngest getting their hands on them all and being as messy as they like!

    Don’t worry – it’s not as chaotic as it sounds … it’s a lot of messy fun, in a controlled environment (andparents are present at all times).

    At the end of the session, the kids and grownups get a chance to have photos taken with Anxious. The Funstars are always up for a selfie too, so get them involved.

    Like I said, this is the main event for Anxious. She really goes all out.New parents will get a lot from the activity – it lasts about an hour at the most.

    You could come and join Anxious for her birthday on 29th September - 5th October!

    Come and join Anxious for her birthday on 29th September – 5th October!

    Send your own message to Anxious

    Whether you’ve met Anxious before or not, you can send your own personal message to her using the comments below.

    You can send a message to me too if you like … or not (don’t worry, I’m well used to our characters getting all the attention).

    Seriously though, if you have any questions about what we’re doing on the blog or anything you’d like to share about your holidays, join the conversation in the comments. You can even send in your holiday pics for us to share if you want.

    Next week is the final week in our Meet the Characters series – it’s Bradley’s turn. If you don’t know Bradley yet, it’s worth checking that one out to learn about Bradley’s House game (if your little one’s a bit of a detective, they are going to love it).