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    Meet the characters : Bradley!

    Our summer series on the Haven Seaside Squad is coming to an end. But we’ve saved the most fun-loving character until last … Bradley Bear!Bradley’s in charge of beach patrol. And he loves nothing more than having fun. From the moment you set foot on the park to the moment you wave goodbye, Bradley does everything he can to make your stay as exciting as possible. He doesn’t sit still.

    We’ve been shadowing Bradley over the summer, so you can get an idea of what he’s like, what he likes to get up to and what he’d like you to do for him today (more on that at the end of the post) …

    Who’s Bradley?

    Bradley’s the big cuddly bear who meets everybody on their very first morning at Kids club, to let them know all about the fun things happening on-park. He’s good mates with all the FunStars because… well… he’s ALL about having fun (and they’re the masters of fun).

    When he’s not patrolling the beach, you can find him getting overexcited as he runs a family game, snoozing as he kicks back on a sunny deck chair or chuckling as he licks the rest of an ice cream from around his gob. Bradley’s in charge of three main games on the park. And his puppet show is one of the most popular stage performances of the lot. Luckily, I got to see Bradley do everything over the summer – I hope this blog gives you a bit of a sneak-peek into what I learned about him …

    He's also very good at modelling in the wood, very Vogue Brads!

    He’s also very good at modelling in the wood, very Vogue Brads!

    Three fun games to play with Bradley the bear

    The first thing I noticed about Bradley is that he’s incredibly caring (our very own care bear!). He wants to keep all the kids safe – especially when they’re by the water.He could be our health and safety supervisor if he wasn’t so busy playing games all the time. Which of the following three games would you be best at? Let us know in the comments.

    1.    Bear Brains

    He might always have a cheeky smile on his face … but this bear is one smart cookie. If you think you’re brainier than the beach patroller, then you can challenge him in a game of Bear Brains. It’s like Junior Mastermind, only a big hilarious bear is running the show.

    – All you need to do is sit in the bear chair and answer his questions. Be careful, because he tries to catch you out with some pretty sneaky ones.
    – You’ve got three lives. For every wrong answer, you lose a life. But if you get 10 right, you get 100 points for your team and will be crowned ‘Bear Brains’ in Funstars Go Live.

    By the way, you can follow the @FunstarsGoLive account on Twitter

    He's not as light as he looks!

    He’s not as light as he looks!

    2.    Beach patrol

    Here’s the thing about seaside holidays … they come with sandy fun and games! They come with tasty fish and chips. And they come with pesky seagulls. In this game, Bradley receives a few reports that the seagulls have been cheekily nicking stuff from people on the beach.*

    – With Bradley’s clues, the help of a FunStar or two, and a handy map – it’s up to you to find everybody’s things and return them to Bradley.
    – It’s a great way to explore the boundaries of the park. And the FunStars really make a fuss of the hunting party. I loved it.

    *The seagulls aren’t so mean in real life – let us know in the comments if you’ve got any funny seagull stories.

    3.     Bradley’s House

    Bradley lives on the park in one of the holiday homes. And he’s always tidying up when he’s not working. But he loves it when the kids come and pay him a visit. He’s very proud of his home and so lets you wander around.

    With a quiz sheet in one hand and a pen in the other, you need to answer all the questions by having a good root round in Bradley’s house.I won’t spill all the questions now, but here’s a couple of examples:

    How many pictures of Rory does Bradley have on his walls?
    What message has Polly left for Bradley in the bathroom?

    You can find all kinds in there – even scripts for some of the plays and shows that Bradley’s involved with – like the puppet show …

    But he does make a good brew!

    But he does make a good brew!

    Bradley’s grand finale …

    Bradley takes a leading role in Polly I Shrunk the Seaside Squad, and has a great moment near the end with a telephone. He’s a bit of a comedy genius on the sly! I can’t give away the plot here. If you’ve seen the show and want to comment about it, just watch out you don’t leak any spoilers for the others.

    Bradley closes the show too. He’s an all-round entertainer really. And I absolutely loved getting to know him better over the summer. He asked me to ask you if you could leave a message for him on the blog (just use the comments below and we’ll make sure he gets it).

    It’s a bit sad that our character series is over … but you still have the chance to make your own memories with all of the Seaside Squad.

    If you’re staying at Haven any time soon, let us know what you’re looking forward to the most. And if you’ve just returned, please share your stories – especially if Bradley’s involved!