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    Meet the characters : Greedy!

    We couldn’t run our holiday parks for you without the help of Greedy – our very own mechanic and cycling officer. He’s Scottish. And we should probably also mention that he’s a gorilla.

    As part of our Meet the Characters blog series, we hung out with Greedy as much as possible last week.
    Here’s what we found out about Haven’s monkey of mischief …

    Who’s Greedy?

    Greedy’s the Haven handyman … well, the handy-monkey.
    He’s at his happiest with a spanner in one hand and a banana in the other (or a banana-rama dessert if there’s one going).

    One of his favourite things to do is meet new people and try new activities on the park …
    … like the Segways and Easy Gliders:

    Still, his most favourite thing to do is eat – LOADS (as you might be able to tell by his name).
    In a nutshell (he eats nutshells too), Greedy is a food-lover with a warm heart and a knack for fixing almost anything … even if he is a bit messy while he works.

    Two Crazy activities that Greedy loves

    Greedy’s Banana Drama
    This is by far the funniest Greedy activity and probably one of the funniest activities at Haven in general – for grownups as well as the kids.

    There are three different ‘dramas’ (rounds) in this game.
    Let’s break them down one by one:

    1. Nuts-Ella about bananas
    One person from each team is brought up to the stage and given a plate. On each plate, there’s a banana covered in chocolate. First one to lick all the chocolate from the banana wins.

    Note: This one can be particularly side-splitting if a couple of grownups are nominated to do the licking. That’s what happened last week, and I’ve still got a grin on my face writing about it now.

    2. Go Bananas
    Two people go head-to-head again for their teams. This time, the goal is to peel and eat a banana which is placed in a microphone stand. No hands allowed. First one to do it wins the drama for their team.

    3. Bananas give you the runs
    Greedy and the Funstars have hidden five colour-coded bananas per team in the audience. When the monkey screams, each team has a minute and half to find them. Members of the audience might be nice and hold them high in the air for you … or they might be nasty, and keep them hidden under the seats. First team to get all five back to the stage, wins.

    Surely you're not going to eat all of that Greedy!!

    Surely you’re not going to eat all of that Greedy!!

    Greedy’s Go Grab

    Like we said, Greedy can be messy.
    So, he loves nothing more than other people being messy with him.
    And that’s why we think he created Greedy’s Go Grab.

    Here’s how it works:
    – Two team captains (grownups) are picked out from the group and brought up to the stage. They’re each given a clipboard and a marker pen.
    – Everyone else is split between the two teams.
    – When the klaxon sounds and the music kicks in, each team needs to grab as many objects from the room as possible, beginning with the letter ‘G’. You have 45 seconds to get all your ‘G’ objects back to the team captain, who needs to write them down on the clipboard.
    – Then it’s time for round two – when you get another 45 seconds to fetch as many objects beginning with the letter ‘O’.
    – Whoever gets the most objects wins.
    Greedy loves it because it’s messy, lots of fun, and all about being greedy.


    Shhhh... don't tell anyone but even Greedy likes a Spa treatment now and again!

    Shhhh… don’t tell anyone but even Greedy likes a Spa treatment now and again!

    A bonus activity we weren’t expecting …

    Greedy’s Banana Boat Bonanza
    When we were shadowing Greedy last week, a brand new banana boat was delivered to his hire shop. But it came in separate parts that Greedy needed to put together. The Funstars told us how the instructions and parts blew away in the wind. And it was up to the kids to find them scattered around the park.

    The task is all about collecting the parts one by one and bringing them all back to the stage – using a map.
    It’s a one-team game. And it’s perfect for those kids who just LOVE a treasure hunt (what is it about treasure hunts?!). Anyway, it was a special treat to have one more action-packed hour with Greedy. Our advice is to hang around with him as much as possible – even if it’s just for his Scottish accent.

    Send your own message to Greedy

    Now that you know a bit about our cheeky monkey, why not leave him a cheeky message in the comments?
    If we can, we’ll drag him away from the hire shop to reply to you himself.

    Next up in our Meet the Characters series is Polly (she’s much tidier than Greedy … smells nicer too).